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Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Garden Being Re-born... like Me!!

Above is the garden a couple of years ago... actually more like 4 years ago!! With the gate through, up the steps and its echo at the bottom, by the canal... you have seen this one before, I think, in my garden slideshow.

Well a few months ago, I was sitting on the wall beside it and noticed that the righthand (as you look here) post was wobbly!!! It had actually rotted... I did not want the gate to fall down, it would have been very distressing at the time, as I was very depressed about Pete's death again, having just found the wisteria flowering for the first time!!! So a couple of my lovely Taiji Quan lads said they would mend it for me... Below is the result. I decided to re-model it and add another post to the leftside... slats were then fixed in the two spaces, to echo those all round the existing woodwork. I LOVE it... the energy of this gate, now, is very strong, and leads you through to the bottom part of my garden, so well...

And lurking to the right, through the slats, is my new baby - the moongate.... I have re-modelled the "secret garden" - a small space to the right as you walk through the gate up the steps. It had an opening from the path, and now it is accessed through the moongate, which faces the canal... This picture is taken today - so this is part of my garden right now!!

And here is my new moongate... not completely finished, but some of the plants have gone back inside the space, and the floor just needs to dry off and be swept clean...

Woo, so exciting and so beautiful now the lines are softened by the plants... It will be a wonderful place for a very special time next year, but I shall save that for another day!!! I have a Taiji and Bagua Quan Master staying here in September, from Taiwan, so I hope he feels at home in my oriental garden... the grass here to the right, is a wonderful space to practise the form.

Thanks for looking...


Christine said...

Frankie, what a fabulous garden you have, so nice to see it again after all your additions to it.
I love your Moongate and can see why you say it is a wonderful place. You are keeping us in suspense re your special time next year, I would like to guess it may be something to do with September 2010. LOL
Love & Hugs
Christine xxxx

Paula J Atkinson said...

What an amazing space. I love gardens, very tranquil places.I don't have one anymore but trained in Horticulture in my teens so learned to appreciate the joys of new life.

lisa said...

Frankie, this is so beautiful. I love your Moongate, what a lovely shape to have in a garden. I know all the things you have have special meanings, but as a garden lover I think it is just a wonderful creation, so green and peaceful and interesting.
May you enjoy it for a long long time.


Beryl said...

This is absolutely fabulous Frankie. I didn't actually know what a moon gate was but now I do I wish I could have one here. It's a really beautiful feature. The whole of the garden that can be seen in your piccies is amazing. A really lovely place to be.
Beryl xx

Beryl K said...

Your garden is just beautiful Frankie,a very relaxing place to sit and contemplate. I love the Moongate.
Beryl x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Frankie and perfect for contemplation and meditation - how wonderful!
Ann x

starcyl said...

Frankie I see it's not only you who have blossomed this year! your garden is beautiful but the moongate adds something really special and although I wouldn't like to guess what it will be used for next year I will say it will be the best place.

Lottie said...

What a magical garden you have - so peaceful and calming and serene