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Thursday, 3 September 2009

WOO New Car too!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my new baby!!! I wanted to change my feeling about myself, now I am moving on and have a new life. My daughter will drive my Focus and this will be my new ride... it is lovely and I am now looking for a dragon decal!!! Nothing too large, but to personalise it to me... The inside is black and the whole thing is classy, and feels so good to drive...
Thanks for looking


Beryl K said...

Enjoy Frankie
Beryl x

lisa said...

Very posh Frankie, it's gorgeous, enjoy it.
I love your tag for this week, those Lavinia stamps are fantastic, I really must drop big hints about them for Christmas!!


Beryl said...

Lucky lady. I loved my mini. They've moved on since then though. Hope it serves you well.
Beryl xx

Christine said...

Very classy, I can picture you in this, so pleased you are choosing things 'just for you'
Love & Hugs
Christine xxx

Viv said...

I had a Mini Cooper many moons ago and I loved it!! Enjoy!

Faye said...

A beautiful ride, Frankie. I know you'll enjoy it immensely.

Kristen H said...

I always covet these when they drive by. I hope you enjoy it, and feel great in it.
Too cute.
I am afraid to drive that car in Chicago though. I have an Oldsmobile with a super fast engine to get into traffic. I have seen a few minis in town, but not too many on the expressway.

peggy gatto said...

Mine is buttermilk white!
Been driving minis for 4 years!!!!
We have fun together.
Mini takes me everywhere!