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Monday, 22 February 2010

Happy Monday!!

Hi All. Thanks for visiting again, it has been so good to see you all in the last few weeks, when I have been so fed up with not being on my feet and not being able to doTaiji or craft. I think I have a solution to that, so visit the TIO blog to find out how I will get round not being able to do the challenges!! I have such good friends and followers, I am so happy!!

I now have a date to see the surgeon on 19th March and the waiting list will be 11 weeks from then. I shall opt to take any cancellation, so I could have my knee done anytime after seeing him!! However, you know I am hoping to be handfast with Freddie in June, and this timescale might be difficult. We SHALL handfast, but we might have to decide to cancel or postpone Venice - what a shame eh??!! Hands could be anytime soon!!!! SO, things are looking up. Right now I have no voice, but that virus will soon pass... What a lot Freddie has had to put up with since we got together!!! He really is a great chap, eh? What a lucky lady I am...
Thanks for looking


Karen said...

Awe Frankie, Venice can wait till your are more able my lovely. It isn't going to sink just yet! You have your handfasting with your lovely Fred HUGS XXX

Beryl K said...

I hope you can get an early date to have the knee sorted Frankie, nice to see you posting
Beryl x

The Stamp Man said...

The days are getting lighter and longer now Frankie, that's always a good thing;)

I hope they can fit you in quicker than you think for all that stuff that needs attending to and that you can get back to the stuff you love best and all of us soon too xxx