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Friday, 11 June 2010

That Knee Operation!!!!

Well here are my photos of my poor old knee!!! Thought you might like (opps perhaps not then!!!) to see where I am with it at the mo!!! Swollen and VERY bruised... oh well, things can only get better as they say!!
Thanks for your good wishes so far and thanks for looking!!!


Claire said...

Ouch Frankie, thats some bruising you've got there and how many clips????
Sending you gentle hugs my friend, I hope it soon heals
Claire xx

starcyl said...

Looks a bit blue and painful Frankie but in the long run it will be more than worth it, keep thinking about next weekend.

Jenny xx

Christine said...

OUCH Frankie, well the worst is over, things can only improve from now on. No wonder you were in pain before the op, this is certainly major surgery.
Love & Hugs to you my friend
Christine xxxx

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Oooo that looks soo sore. Great to see you back. Here's hoping you're back on your feet soon and the knee is back to it's "normal" self.

Howiecopywriter said...

good job, but where are the metal plates?

lisa said...

Goodness you have been in the wars, Frankie, this looks very painful. I hope it soon heals and you feel the benefit very very soon.
Take care and cyber hugs

Karen said...

OUCH that is an awful lot of bruising!!! Hope your knee and tum are better for your handfasting my lovely XXX

Hettie said...

Yikes!!! I nearly feinted when we first took the dressings off mine, but yours - WOW!!! Makes mine look like a scratch! What on earth had you done to get that? Gotta ask - did you screapbook your clips?!!! LOL!!!

Zimmer Knee Replacement Recall said...

That looks so painful! I can't take seeing those bruises. Well, at least you had a successful knee procedure.