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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

WOYWW - Getting There for Christmas!!

Well, I have managed another WOYWW week, despite being snowed under(!!! but not literally!!!). I am really having problems with my S.A.D. at the moment and am really trying to get more light with my lamp to keep going... So I am pleased to have finished my cards and to have got some of my presents organised. I have also had some goodies delivered today, including the TH tag die which I have been wanting for ages, so Christmas has come early for me!!!

I have used one of Sir Tim's stamps for the main image, and the insert is stamped with a Crafty Individual's stamp. You can just see one at the top left corner of the photo... The Angelina fibres are such a pretty mix of blues, but don't really show up in the photo. I have finally sorted my distress inks too, and have made an individual pad for each one, instead of a silly little bit, mixed,with some other colour!! The insert is a photocopy of my handmade paper, A4 then cut i half. It works quite well...

I began designing this when I did a DT piece for the Stampman a couple of challenges ago... I am pleased with the final card and Freddie likes it too, so that's good!!! There are a couple of small shafts of light falling on the card... it is a lovely, sunny day so I shall be here in my craft room most of the day, as the sun shines in all the while, as it faces south... If you are wondering what I am doing showing my desk, just pop over to the admirable Julia's blog to see many, many more!!!
Thanks for looking


JoZart Designs said...

Your cards are just lovely and you seem to be doing well getting on with organising yourself. Those rays of sunshine must be doing you good!
I've given up as life is taking over and I'm off to the South Coast tomorrow to visit the rest of the family. Christmas will come and go....
JoZarty x

Twiglet said...

Great little cards. I do hope you get a bit more sunshine - its fab here today but very cold still.

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring post. You are doing fabulous work.
I also suffer or struggle with SAD. So far we have not had snow to add to my misery, but I know it is coming.

Neet said...

Love that stamp - love how you have used it too. I made myself some bigger pads for my Distress Inks following a Make and Take at the club where one member told us how advantageous it was.
Think we need some sunshine - even if it is only the weak kind - at least it makes one feel a bit better to see it.
Take care.

Stressed Stamper said...

Fab cards
Roll on the sunshine I say...
Sarah - Stressed Stamper#17

Rhonda said...

Hi Frankie, Your cards are beautiful! Have you heard of taking a supplement during the winter...vitamin D3? It really helps with SAD symptoms. Where I live, we don't see the sun all winter either and my doc told me people here have really low levels of vitamin D because of the lack of sunshine. He said taking that supplement in the winter can help your mood. It's working for me. Just a thought!

Thanks for stopping by my desk today. Happy WOYWW! #11

Carola Bartz said...

A beautiful card! And I love your idea of labeling your distress inks. I'll see whether I can copy it!

Chrissie said...

Your cards are looking great!
Chrissie #7

Leonie said...

oooh I am so happy to have found your gorgeous work and beautiful blogs!
thanks so much for coming by my desk and leaving such a lovely comment.
Happy WOYWW!
fairy blessings

Susan said...

Beautiful cards Frankie. You seem to have everything under control. Thanks for visiting my desk and for your ideas regarding my cards.
I have some ideas so keep checking my blog for the final result!
Susan xxox #13

Artsnark said...


Marjo said...

Gorgeous cards! Thanks for sharing and the great peek.

Hugs, Msrjo #45

donnalouiserodgers said...

Hi Frankie, you can call me rumpled if you want to - I am a wood snake if that helps any?

'old' friends get scared when they can keep up with me.. as soon as they start to understand me they worry that it may be because I have driven them crazy... ha ha

love your desk and work - and music,


Terry said...

Lovely cards, and great desk! Thanks for visiting.

Terry (18)

Pam said...

Okay, I do this every time i come to your blog - I start reading and then get distracted by your garden and have to go through every photo! That should help your SADs too right? Plenty of Vit D and magnesium help me as well. Hopefully it will be a short winter and you can get back to that lovely garden! Gosh it's gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty cards, just loving the background and the use of those fibres too. Yay for sunny days in the winter!

Brenda 83

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi, sorry I'm late Frankie, beautiful cards and just love your music. Have fun. Big Hugs JO,xxx**22**
ps. Lovely blog too.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh your cards are perfect and you're right about the Angelina. Hope a full day of winter sunshine and crafting will have topped you up a bit...I can see why it's a struggle, these days are dark.