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Monday, 28 March 2011

More Scrumptious Kitties!! - (again!!)

Here we go, trying again... posted them before but Zoe pointed out there were no piccies to see!!! There had been but they disparued somewhere!!! Ok , trying again... not so much writing for you this time, as I must get on... hurrah you cry!!!! This is yet a fourth attempt, as blogger keeps messing me about!!!

How gorgeous is THAT!!??? Hey, mum, don't strangle me!!! - well keep still then... tee hee, he is just so sweet -  that face has to melt any heart...

Isn't my lovely Misty handsome??? Thank goodness his ickle tootsies got better and he gained weight because I thought I might not rear him... that's why he is the only one with a name...
Plumptious tootsies, all properly underneath him now, hurrah!

Three very different faces and characters... which is YOUR favourite then???

They are beginning to play and have little scrums!!

So there we are... they were fast asleep 2 minutes after this was taken!!! Well they were tired cos I had been playing with them, and they are still only two weeks old!!! Please pop back as I will post some more pictures later this week... they are changing daily now... awww!!

Love and light


Penni said...

ooooh they really are sooooo cute!!!!


Netty said...

Totally adorable, love them all

Zoechaos said...

So glad you got that sorted out Frankie mind you now I'm converted to Google Chrome so maybe it was a blessing.

Gorgeous darling kittens but Minx says NO! Your little hoodie looks very bold and adventuresome LOL Misty is of course a sweetie. Thank you for sharing the delights with us XOXO Zoe

Days End Studio said...

I left you a wee gift on my Blog. :O)
Thank-You for being an inspiration.

Janet said...

Hurrah! for little Misty. I am so glad his little legs are working. Such a worry but they often come right once they get onto a solid surface.

Janet xx

Di said...

They're soooooo cute! I think Misty is extra special :) Di x

Ohhh Snap said...

Ooooooooooooooooooo kittens!! They are all so cute. Couldn't possibly have a favorite though. TFS :D