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Saturday, 19 November 2011

A New Direction

Hi All... thanks for popping over. I won't keep you long, but just want to share with you some news.... Many of you will know that I have had issues with the care of my mum recently, and went up to sort things out last week... well, she can no longer live at home because she is too confused, so I decided to have her live here with Freddie and myself...

It's such a big step, and is quite frightening, however I can't face putting her in a home, and must try to care for her here. I am trying to get some help with that, as I am not brilliant myself, and all that begins on 2nd December!! I love her dearly, but she should not be in this position, and I managed to get her present doctor to agree that fitting a pacemaker to a lady in her condition was unwise!! I shall be following that up in the weeks to come!!

Meanwhile, I am sure I will get into a reasonable routine so that I can craft as much as I can... we are busy stripping my dining room and putting furniture into store, and getting new stuff for her. I am hoping she will be comfortable, but will not linger too long, because her life now has little of the quality one would wish for her.

So that's my news, dear readers and followers. I would love you to send us some positive vibes to start us down this path, and shortly I will share with you that card I made for the fragrant Freddie's birthday...
Love and Light


Claire said...

Buckets of postive vibes and cyber hugs winging their way to you Frankie. I hope your mum soon settles in with you and that you manage to find some 'you' time too
Claire xx

Helen said...

You have my immense admiration - I hope you all settle in to your new routine quickly and your Mum is as comfy and safe as she can be- I hope you find time for 'you' too - don't give up the crafting! Hugs xx

Ann B said...

Another bucket load of positive thoughts from me.
You are doing a good thing Frankie, it's not easy giving up part of your home, and changing your routine, no matter how much you love your Mum, but it is the right thing to do for you. Just make sure both you and Freddie have some personal time together and don't feel guilty if at times you find it hard. My Dad lived with us until he died (aged 87) so I know some of what you are doing - wouldn't have done anything differently myself.
Ann B

ElizabethR said...

Thinking of you lots Frankie, doesn't seem that long ago I was in the same position, so know where you are coming from. Lots of Love Elizabeth xxx

Netty said...

A huge decision Frankie but what else could you do, you had no choice. Hoping everything works out alright and you get a care package to lighten the load. Big Hugs, Annette x

Jen said...

Having made the same decision as you with regards to my Dad some years ago I hope all goes well for you.Dad died just over two years ago and I have to say I have never regretted my decision to have him live with us,though at times the going was tough. Do be insistent about getting help, it is there but it doesn't happen unless you insist. Lots of positive vibs and hugs on the way for you all.
Jen x

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

My heart goes out to you Gillian. We were in the same position a few years ago. I don't know whether you have the same networks and support through your health and social systems as we do in Australia but if you do make use of their knowledge and resources.
Thinking of you.

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

Oops Frankie, Sorry I called you Gillian. Having a bit of a senior moment myself!

lisa said...

I admire you immensely Frankie. that is a wonderful, but tough decision you have made and I know the days will not be easy for you.
You are in my thoughts.
Hugs Lisax

Silvia(Barnie) said...

That's a huge and wonderful decision, Frankie, and the best for your mother. Hope that all will work right out.

Peta said...

Sending love x

JoZart Designs said...

Sending lots of love and a huge cyber hug for this new journey for your Mum, you and Freddie. A big step but a valiant loving one which you will always be glad you made. Take each day at a time until you get into the run of it and make sure you get some time for you two now and then.
Best of love and luck,
Jo x