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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

WOYWW #169 - All About the 5 S's??

Hi Wyggers... hope you are all ok?? Welcome to the desks of the world and the magic carpet ride we can all take as a weekly dose!! A spoonful of Stamping Ground makes the medicine go round -oh dear,folks, she has started to go off the rails VERY early in the process this week!! I was just lying here in bed, blogging,-  as you do... and the fragrant Freddie happened to notice me sorting out my desk picture for this week - well at least she did one this time!!! He was shocked. yes SHOCKED!!! but I can't think why...mmmmm
Now what's wrong with that folks??? - well if you don't know there is no hope for you!!! Then he said  "you would not get away with that desk at my work!!!" So why not, I wanted to know... "we are working on a new system of 5 S's ..." more of which in a minute... But I agree actually, it is a mess but nothing new there then!!! Working on a new album, as I said last week
It's cover is unusual as it opens both ways... will show you more another time. This paper is Bo Bunny and I have used Destinations by Tim Holtz and some Check In from Kaisercraft. The slot is for fitting a D ring when I get one... well she ordered all sorts but forgot the D rings, silly moo!!

So what about these 5 S's then ? well they are from a Chinese management senario, and that totally makes sense to me when I read them!!! They are
Set in order
and are supposed to be "the building blocks of all improvement activity"

I get most but "standardise" that one sits badly with me, cos I don't want us all to do and be the same... however, I would like my desk and crafty'oom to be sorted and set in order AND sustained!!!tee hee!! So I have established that I can't do many of them, but I did have a go at standardise some time ago. Laura Denison was having a tag swap and I entered Sent off 8 + one for her, and got 8 back...

Here they are. Some of them are really cute, eh?? All are interesting, but NOT standardised!! However, we
were set the task to send off something similar to each person, so here are a few of the steps in the making of mine...

First, find a way to make the locks, so I got out the melt pot and made some suitable enamel... I mixed my own, and made a mold of the Tim Holtz key hole
They were then poured, into my mold... is this standardisation??? Or perhaps the cages all die cut, underneath??? - no, drip, this is mass production!!! but they do look rather good... Hey, that's not the same key hole as before?? What happened? - Well, the first mold went wonky so I used a different key hole...
For my crackle background, I painted with white glue in a random fashion - gosh, I wish you had washed the brush out properly afterwards, Gaywood!!!
Then straight on with a coat of acrylic paint...
Crackling in moments!! - yes, but not in a uniform, standardised way!!
And obviously a repeatable process - yes but STILL not standardisation!!!
A touch of metalic paint and Viva Inca gold or rub 'n buff... adds
a super shabby, old and worn look on each and every one...

Watch the birdie!!! Lots of steps to these ickle fellows - thanks goodness she spared us all that at least!!!but they ARE really cute eh??
 At last, all ten tags, standardised???? NO. Similar but creatively different and Vivre la difference!! I used similar but not the same trinkets, and such. If some appear crooked, they are not,they are just swinging free and moved for the photo...

So here is one ickle chappie, with all his glory, cheeping away... and talking of giving away - no you weren't!!! - Oh yes I am!!! I am thinking that if you leave a comment, I will do a random draw, and send the lucky - or unfortunate!! - winner, the one I still have here... so comment away and you might get my ickle birdie in the post anywhere in the world??? - yes, of course...

Thanks for reading and commenting again this week... it has been a bit easier here, since my usual carer got back from Eid celebrations, but will take some time for mum to settle again... then we are are all away, so goodness only knows what will happen - well I know... she will be all at sea again and confused!!! But I NEED my holiday so there!! Here's hoping you are all well, anyway
Love and Light
PS. I don't think I was cut out for an office or a factory anyway, so who cares if my desk/crafty'oom is messy beyond belief???



Spyder said...

all this is completely amazing!! Love all your pictures. Love the tages. I have to get one of those melting pots, your cages and birds are fabulous. Loved my snoop today! Happy WOYWW #16

SannaS said...

I'd love to own this peace of art, love it!! Thanks for the chance!! =)
hugs, SannaS

Susanne said...

Wow, so much lovely stuff to see. Love the crackle. My son was just learning about the 5 S's at his work - but me, I don't see how any of us could be expected to apply them to our fun and crafty spaces.

Unknown said...

You are busy with detail. I have never tried the Utee, but it sure looks like fun.

SandeeNC said...

Boy, your post confuses me..are you schsofrentic? LOL, just kidding around...and hey I think I got shine down pat...that does mean bling, right? Give your husband an innocennt look when you repeat that back to him! hee hee LOVE your tags, they are awesome!!waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Inkypinkycraft said...

i think your desk looks fab just the way it is! the tag is beautiful, your locks and birds gorgeous...would love to have a chance to win this tag!!!! have a great week, hugs trace x 48

Claire said...

oh my!! what AMAZING creations!!!
just gorgeous *sigh*
no. 47

Helen said...

I LOVE those tags, they look amazing and please include me in your draw for one.... Have a wonderful week.... Helen, 40

Jenny Marples said...

What beautiful creations there Frankie! Love the care and attention to detail lavished on each and every one.
5S - sounds like the 4S/5S system at Toyota - don't think there's a workdesk in the World that could measure up to those standards, trust me!!! Hugs, Buttons #66

okienurse said...

Beautiful tags you received and beautiful tags you made. I would love it if I won one and would think myself very fortunate indeed! I hadn't thought of making my own key holes and keys. Need to look into that! Have a great week. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #67

Ann B said...

Wow, your tags are stunning - would love to win one please. Not only that but you reminded me that I have some Mould and Pour tucked away, and some lock thingies - need to get them out and have a play.

Ann B

Emily said...

I'm with you on the standardisation - the world would be a poorer place if we all created the same. I love the tag you did for the swap and have learnt a new way to achieve crackle. Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful, non-standard week.

Emily #58

Francesca said...

My word you have been busy.....just love the birdie tags you have made, look fab. Also the tags you got in your swap look good. Hugs francesca #77

Judys Lace Creations said...

Hi Frankie!People who have s's..for tidying should be BANNED from all Craft Rooms!! Bah Humbug!We all get to our desks to clean and tidy ...eventually. There's so much exciting stuff going on here Frankie.Love it!!
Judy #11

Bernice said...

These are beautiful - such a lot of work, but well worth it.
Bernice #9

butterfly said...

Those are totally stunning tags - and a fantastic step by step to take us through them, thank you! Surely the last thing creatives want to be is standardised? A bit of shine never hurts though!! Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

MrsC.x said...

i love that tag!! its gorgeous and would look fab anywhere
happy woyww Mrs.C.xx #63

Elizabeth said...

Great post Frankie. Interesting those 5 'S's and can't see the virtue of standardise either, but also what do they mean by shine? Do we buff up our desk or deck ourselves and the desks with loads of bling - I need further clarification.

All the tags are beautifully different, even your conveyor belt productions - love the step-by-step photos, etc. The finished tag is so gorgeous and it would grace my craft space beautifully should I have the luck to win it :))

Glad things are running smoothly now that the carer is back and there's no doubt you need that holiday.

Thanks for sharing. Have a great day and fabulous week. Elizabeth x #101

CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow such great makes. I love the crackled effect, I enjoy watching those cracks appear. Take care Zo xx 118

Tertia said...

There is something wrong with your desk??? What""" I think it looks wonderfully creative.
Those tags are incredible! I LOVE the birdies, actually I love the whole thing.
Glad to hear the carer is back.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #47

Rita said...

Frankie, your tags are Amazing, I love those little bluebirds. So generous to give one away too. Fingers crossed that I'm lucky. Hugs Rita 88. xx

Dragons Lair Designs said...

Wow Frankie they are amazing and love the crackle demo too will def be following your blog now i found you too :)

Terry said...

I've enjoyed reading your post, seeing the photos and your process. Your tags are gorgeous! I like the selection you got in return too.

Terry #60

fairy thoughts said...

Work is work and play is play.... and your play desk is amazing,the tags looks great. thanks for sharing
janeyt #61

Julia Dunnit said...

It could only be the 4 esses for me too Frankie, standardise is the word that jarred me from the list too...OMGee am loving your creative process for the ATCs, so much involved, and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

A great swap - your tag is amazing, love the cracked background.

Claudia N. said...

Gosh, I enjoyed my visit here today, Frankie!

So much fun reading about the 5 Ss and so loved being able to track your steps by use of that awesome step by step documentation. The project's result is gorgeously stunning!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Greetings from Vienna,

die amelie xx

FiLoMa said...

I recognise that album, I've finished making mine - mostly - just need to add the tags and embellishments. Love your tags, simply stunning. Cheers FiLoMa #115

Kyla said...

I kind of stumbled across your blog from another woyww posting. But, I am a follower now. You have some really neat stuff on your blog and I hope to expand my talents by following you.

May said...

O my word Frankie, these are fabulous... I would love to give this gorgeous tag a home... Brilliant background and textures the bird is an AmAzing creation... love the post this week, Hugs May x x x

suzieq23 said...

I have only ever used Ranger's cracklin paint. When you use the white glue on you substrate do you wait for the glue to dry before adding the acrylic paint? it looks fabulous. I actually like it better than ranger's stuff. hope you read this and get a chance to respond. thanks, Sue

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I didn't have a chance to visit last week, since I was not around. However, thanks for the opportunity to win this absolutely gorgeous tag. I love what you did with the keyhole.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Frankie,

Oh, I love your tag! And, oh my, you just put glue over the paint and then you put acrylic paint over the glue for the crackle effect? Really? I thought you had to buy special crackle stuff....... please let me know!

I'd love to have my name entered into your tag giveaway.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous tags and i would love to own one.