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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Alcohol Inks

Rainbow Lady has been trying to get me to try these for some time!! I finally got myself some for crimble and I LOVE them. I have made several cards usuing them, and this one is my fav so far. It was made for a Rainbow Friend's birthday, and she has it now, so I can share it more widely.

I adore the Stamps Happen magnolia, and I think it stands out well here against a plethora of colours. I have also shown the backer, with a small fab dragonfly + beads, from Stamp Addicts.

Anyone else got this magnolia stamp? If so, why not show it off , so we can see how different it can look?


Ann Whitfield said...

It's lovely Frankie - makes me think of stained glass
Ann x

AliMayes said...

Gosh Frankie, what a stunning card. I agree, it does look like stained glass.
Ali xx

Christine said...

WOW Frankie, everything about this card is stunning and I agree about it looking like stained glass.
Christine xx

PixieHouse Creations said...

wow love it Frankie agree with Ann it reminds me of stained glass windows,glad you like your alcohol inks,they can be so addictive
Wendy(pixiehouse) xxxx

AliMayes said...

I was so inspired by your use of this stamp that I've now gone and bought it for myself. Watch this space!
Ali xx

Dragon said...

Thanks Everyone.

I am SO pleased that you felt so inspired, Ali. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Beautiful work with the Alcohol inks and thanks for the comments on my blog today!