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Monday, 12 January 2009

From the Beginning then...

I thought it might be interesting to share with you, the first ever card I made. Way back then, I had very little "stuff" and now I have - well just let's say, loads. It's amazing to see what I did with so few bits and pieces. Now I have what I want, and at least I don't have to hide how many stamps, papers and inks etc. I have bought, from my husband!!

So here is the humble beginning. Early on, I saw Jill Tuck, of The StampMan, and greatly admired her talent. I soon ordered her Oriental kit, and most of this card was made with things from it. I am pleasantly surprised and pleased to look at this card again and still to feel proud of it, after all this time. I am not sure which poor soul I sent it to, and I wonder if they still have it...

I made it a rule always to decorate the backs of my cards, but took this shot with my mobile phone, and did not keep the back view, obviously. NOTE to self - always scan the back view too!!


Ann Whitfield said...

It's a gorgeous card Frankie and I'd put money on it's recipient still having it :)
Ann x

AliMayes said...

Whoever got it was very lucky. It should be a collector's item now!

Rainbow Lady said...

Yes you have got the hand of it well now my friend. Well done on the first card too.
Love Cynthia x

Christine said...

Such a beautiful card Frankie, I agree with Ali, it should be a collectors item. Your cards are always unique and I love how you make sure the back of the card is as nice as the front. Only wish I had quarter of your talent.
Christine xx