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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My Heart Song Poem

Here is a poem I have written, in response to events in my life. Almost 2 years ago, my beloved husband died, very suddenly. I was bereft, and my heart was completely broken. Recently, I visited a wonderful lady who gave me healing, and discovered my broken heart in a red casket... I loved the metaphor, so decided to write the poem. She told me I would meet a wonderful man, who would be very important to me, and who would walk with me along my path, because he had known I was coming for a long time... None of this made sense at the time, but then I met Fred, and now I understand so much more...

My Heart Song

The casket lay long-buried, deep
In boundless caverns, lost to sight and memory.
Blood-red and girdled round with iron,
Strong padlocked,
Sealed tight,
Locked down,
Walled up, and hidden from plain view,
To be forgotten…

Inside the blood-red box, was velvet
Moulded into mounds.
The crimson creases caressed each other
And held the secret, broken life within.

In all the angles of the casket,
As if scattered to all four corners of the world,
Lay golden, gleaming, shining shards.
Bloodless pieces,
Pale shadows,
Locked away from light and love…

These precious pieces once formed
An object of desire,
Whole and hale – a heart
Quick-tempered for love and hate and pleasure,
A treasure, honoured beyond price.

All suddenly then,
It shattered,
Snapped and split apart.
Broken, fragmented into pieces,
Crushed, compacted, cracked until
No longer could it be recognised as
A heart.

Cold, asleep, undreaming,
Fast-held in vicelike grip of unawakening,
It’s component parts most perfectly protected,
It lay in that blood-red casket, filled with so-soft, crimson velvet...
Nor song nor shout could enter and arouse it.
Nor animal nor insect could penetrate it’s gloom.
No love was felt inside there.
Nothing could cross the threshold
Of the box that held the
Secret of the heart.

But one came who had the knowledge of unbinding.
One came who dared unlock the iron padlocks.
She came, who understood the secret power of unsealing.
She came, but not alone, to that blood-red casket.
Together they lay bare, and set aside the crimson velvet
And, together, they lifted out the broken pieces
So they could heal them…

The heart that had been broken
Was unfettered.
Slowly, it began to dream
And then to sing.
It learned new dances and bright energy
All sparkly
And was haloed round with friends
And everything!!

It tripped along its path and was delighted
To see new sights, to make new friends and
Hear clear music.
To have happy days of light and pure enjoyment,
And peace, at last again.

But who is this now,
Bright and shining,
On the new-found path of light and laughter?
Who is he that he stands right in that way?
What does he want with this heart newly awakened?
What does he know
To come here in this way?

Oh, joy!
He brings love and understanding.
Oh sweet…
He brings hope and happy dreaming!
Oh love!
He knows the heart song and will dare to sing it
To restore the broken balance,
To enfold the beating treasure,
To cherish the shining jewel
In full measure.

We will sing my heart song
Together … maybe

copyright F. B. Gaywood


Penni said...

That's just beautiful.


Dragon said...

Hi Penni... nice Tilda, but I have problems that she has no mouth, poo soul!!
Hey thanks SO much for you lovely comment about my poem...

Fiona said...

Oh Frankie - what a heart rending poem - I was in tears reading it - but then the tears turned to joy for you.

Rhonda said...

You have shared your soul in such a beautiful way, this too is part of the healing process. Thank you for this, it is very beautiful and speaks to many broken hearts. I am glad you are finding joy in your life again. Cheers, Rhonda