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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

TIO #7 Challenge - Treasure - Dragon's Hoard

Here is my tag for the TIO #7 challenge at DragonsDream, this week. The theme is Treasure. I wanted to use my lovely dragon stamp, which I have reclaimed from it's wooden block, that had warped, I think. I printed him on to shiny card and embossed with a copper ep. I used my wonderful starburst stains to bodge colour on to his body, and then to the background, after stamping with various texture stamps. Some of the scales have been further enhanced by adding Sakura colour. I cut several "coins" from embossed card and used 3 small Chinese coins from my stash. His treasure includes a golden pear and a blood-red casket, which held my broken heart!! **(thereby hangs a tale) Above the symbol "long" (with a rising inflection) which means "dragon", I have used one of my treasured knots as the tie. I have given this tag to Fred, who is my lovely, lovely new man!!! Woo. Thanks for looking!!!

** see above the poem I have written, to tell this story, if you are interested....


Rainbow Lady said...

so where is it I can't find it??? love Cynth xx

lisa said...

Oh Frankie. I have goosebumps after reading your poem. Your tag makes perfect sense now and I LOVE the story behind it. I'm so happy you have a new man and life is good again. You deserve it.


Karen said...

Oh Frankie...what can I say? I have a lump in my throat my lovely. You poem is so beautiful.

I too found a new man recently just when I thought that my happiness was over too. I hope that you & Fred have a wonderful future together XXX

Unknown said...

Fabulous, Fabulous poem and magnificent tag to go along with it! I love it all!

Kristen H said...

Beautiful poem, Frankie. Beautiful love story.
Sorry to make you look for my post! OOPS!!! LOL!
I love you poetry as much as your art. You are an excellent prose penner!


brenda said...

Oh Frankie, I could write reams, but it is better to keep to the point and say that this is just beautiful, like your artwork it all gels together into a masterpeice.

I am so happy for your that you have found new meaning to life, everybody deserves that.

B x

TonyaA said...

This is beautiful!
Blessings, peace, and love,
~Tonya Ashe