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Friday, 26 August 2011

300 POSTS, a Give Away and The Birdcage List

Hi Everybody... this is my 300th post!!! Quite a milestone, and how far I have come since the first one... It was in January 2009, and that's a long time ago and far away...

To celebrate, I am organising a TH bircage swap and the details can be found at the very top of my blog, or here... I now have a list of more than 20 people, and the list follows below... I do hope no-one pulls out, but please only enter if you intend to make and send your birdcage... you STILL have nearly two weeks to get inky!!! The closing date will be 7th September, and we will all send out asap after that date.

On Tuesday 30th August, I will be drawing names for partners and letting you know who yours is...So it's now or never, leave your name on the list and join the mighty birdcage swap, you KNOW you want to!!!

Now for the give away - If you want to have an opportunity to own the tagbook which I made to go with the suitcase "Travel" challenge, then leave a comment here and I will make a random draw for that next week.

I am NOT giving away the suitcase, however, it's way too cute!!! The tags are stamped both sides, so you will get a double whammy, and I might add one or two more, as this is such a big milestone... Woo, I have never done this before, so not sure if any of you loyal followers actually WANTS to own any of my tags!!! Perhaps I should not presume... tee hee - but the offer is there anyway... phew!!

And now, that list in no particular order

1Vickie -okienurse                                                   
2 Elizabeth - silverscrapper
3Sarah - sasa                                                                 
4Julia - stamping ground
5Sherry - sherrysimplelog                                         
6 JenW - alteredspirts
7Kezzy - kezzycraft                                                  
8Neil - neelzexpressionsz
9Lyn - blackdragon                                                  
10Jona - artworks
11Sam - hettiecraft                                                      
12Nicola? - sunshinegirl
13Helen - stampingbyH                                              
14 Tertia - tertiacraftingran
15Cynthia - rainbow lady                                            
16DeeDee - deedee430
17Aj - fistfulpfglitter                                                    
18 Jude - craftsinternational
19Janet - dashpaw                                                    
20Jen - timeoutcrafting
21ElizabethR - craftyrobin                                          
22Alison - alison horne
23She - craftyshe                                                        
24 Mrs A - itsanalienlife
25Frankie - Dragon
26Anneliese - l'atelier
27 Jane
28 Hels

Sorry this has got so long, but that's the only way it would all fit in... If anyone wants to add themselves to the list, or I have missed you off, let me know before the end of Tuesday 30th August... likewise if you are pulling out - but PLEASE don't, because it's going to be awesome - and I don't use that word often!!!

So make your birdcage, leave a comment and most of all ENJOY!! I will be in touch with you all very soon...
Love and light


Helen said...

Way to go Frankie!! My birdcage tag is ready and waiting!! Please include me in your tag giveaway because I think they are always fabulous.

Rainbow Lady said...

Great ..... who wouldn't want one of your tags now I ask you??? I am lucky I already have one.... be jealous everyone.
Good to chat earlier xx

ElizabethR said...

Eeeerrrr hello, would love one of your tags!. Happy 300th (posting I mean) Love Elizabeth xxx

Alison Horne said...

Of course we want your fabulous work! or else why would we keep visiting an joining in?x

Alison Horne said...

That music is amazing, magic!x am dancing now, nobody look.

Janet said...

Hi Frankie,my birdcage tag is done and waiting to be posted,I would love to have one of your tags,please count me in your giveaway.
Janet x

Anonymous said...

Hiya! Your Tag and suitcase are amazing, I would be thrilled to own it :-) S xxx ps Tag made and ready to post....

Anonymous said...

There's room in my display cupboard for your tag ! lots of room, its only just been emptied for such use haha.

Im almost done on my cage tile, few bits still drying but ready to mail out by friday.


Anneliese said...

I've just found your lovely blog, Is it too late to join your birdcage swap ?
Anneliese x