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Friday, 30 January 2009

Tagged!! In the Liu Garden, Suzhou. Hi Pete...

I have been tagged by my lovely friend, Cynthia, Rainbow Lady!! 6th photo in the 6th folder. This brings back so many wonderful memories of our time in China in 2003 - the year of SARS!! I took this one and my beloved Pete is the one in blue, a hat and crossed camera straps, smiling at me, indulgently!!! We were in the Liu Garden in Suzhou - a magical place of moon gates, whisteria and lotus blossoms.
I expect everyone I know has been "done" so I will have to send it round again later!!!

Taa, Cynth...

OK - Ann


AliMayes said...

What a lovely photo Frankie and how nice to see your Pete for the first time:o)
Ali xx

Beryl K said...

It's a great photo Frankie and like Ali said lovely to see your Pete. I'm afraid to say that my brain cells are dying cos I tagged you as well and forgot to tell you - silly me. I told some but not all
Beryl x