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Thursday, 29 January 2009

A Very treasured award!!

This is another FIRST, and therefore it is very special. So far, I know and admire all the peeps who have given me awards, and it is terribly flattering for friends to be so supportive. However, I have never heard from, or met Faye before, so it makes the award special to know that she gave it to me, as a stranger!!

If you would like this one, please help yourself, because I feel you all deserve it, and thanks for the support and inspiration.


AliMayes said...

Congratulations to you too Frankie!
Ali xx

Kristen Hermanny said...

From the look of your stuff, it is very well deserved. Way to go and congrats!

About Me Rainbow Lady said...

Sorry friend I have tagged you. Love Cynthia x