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Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Card from The Pink Twinchie - 2x2

I have made the Pink twinchie into a card. Just added a square of more paper weaving with wider stips, and rotated + a little ribbon and bow, from my stash. The back of the card - below - has an oblong of "proper" weaving and is finished off with the three butterfly border, from Kodomo.

This is the back of the same card.


Ann Whitfield said...

Gorgeous Frankie, very feminine
Ann x

Christine said...

Gorgeous Frankie, so feminine, I love everything about it
Christine x

Beryl K said...

Beautiful Frankie
Beryl x

vintage wil said...

O this is gorgeous !
great image and colors.

Anne said...

Fantastic Frankie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Frankie, What a fabulous blog design and lovely cards. You really should consider doing commissions and/or workshops. I'm sure you'd have a lot of takers!

Beryl said...

It's beautiful Frankie.
Beryl xx