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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Huppy Burpday Geoff!!!

This is the card I made for Geoff, Rainbow lady's wonderful other half, on the occasion of his 60th birthday!! Happy Birthday, Geoff, from Fred and I !!!
I used the "time flies" tag, as it seemed apt for a life reaching three score!!!! I know he likes it because I spoke to him earlier today...
Thanks for looking

Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Garden Being Re-born... like Me!!

Above is the garden a couple of years ago... actually more like 4 years ago!! With the gate through, up the steps and its echo at the bottom, by the canal... you have seen this one before, I think, in my garden slideshow.

Well a few months ago, I was sitting on the wall beside it and noticed that the righthand (as you look here) post was wobbly!!! It had actually rotted... I did not want the gate to fall down, it would have been very distressing at the time, as I was very depressed about Pete's death again, having just found the wisteria flowering for the first time!!! So a couple of my lovely Taiji Quan lads said they would mend it for me... Below is the result. I decided to re-model it and add another post to the leftside... slats were then fixed in the two spaces, to echo those all round the existing woodwork. I LOVE it... the energy of this gate, now, is very strong, and leads you through to the bottom part of my garden, so well...

And lurking to the right, through the slats, is my new baby - the moongate.... I have re-modelled the "secret garden" - a small space to the right as you walk through the gate up the steps. It had an opening from the path, and now it is accessed through the moongate, which faces the canal... This picture is taken today - so this is part of my garden right now!!

And here is my new moongate... not completely finished, but some of the plants have gone back inside the space, and the floor just needs to dry off and be swept clean...

Woo, so exciting and so beautiful now the lines are softened by the plants... It will be a wonderful place for a very special time next year, but I shall save that for another day!!! I have a Taiji and Bagua Quan Master staying here in September, from Taiwan, so I hope he feels at home in my oriental garden... the grass here to the right, is a wonderful space to practise the form.

Thanks for looking...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

TIO #14 - Time Flies - La Notte Scivola sul Mondo

My entry for the TIO #14 challenge on DragonsDream, is La Notte Scivola, on the theme of time flies. It means "the night creeps over the world..." My lovely Fred introduced Il Divo to me when we first met, and we play their music lots when we are together and when we are alone... you know how it is!!? The song it's from is Ti Amero. Well, we are learning Spanish together because he has family in the Canaries, and he has never managed to learn the language before... I have an ear for accents, so we are having a go!! For those eagle-eyes amongst you, I spelt a word incorrectly on the tag!! Never mind, I know what I meant!!! Tee hee...

How did I do it? Well, I stamped the moon - it is an old stamp from The StampMan, but not sure what sheet - on a piece of card, coloured with distress ink, then cut it out. The background card is black, pearly and gorgeous, stamped with splatter pattern from Stamp Addicts by Judikins, and embossed in Moonglow ep in midnight teal and midnight violet. The butterfly is an old, old real favourite, first seen used by Carol on a Stamp Addict's show, moons ago - I loved watching that lady work, she was SO inspiring!! Sorry to say, I cut his wings off, after embossing in clear ep and colouring with alcohol inks... The clock is from UMount, creative expressions, and the wings were stuck on with foam pads. I think this is quite a whimsical piece this week!!
Thanks so much for looking...