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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

WOYWW #69 - More of my space and my Steampunk Necklace

OK... here I go again after a very busy week. Happy WOYWW to you all, and if you don't know what I mean please visit Julia's wonderful blog Stamping Ground..

My desk is now back to normal... ie chockerblock full of stuff and stash which just MUST be available in case I need it!!! Tee hee... So I have the almost mandatory 6"x6" bit of mat to work on... why do we do it ourselves??? I will tidy up soon, honestly... jewellery has continued to take up much of my time and I have made myself a steampunk necklace which I have fallen in love with!!! Sorry, that sounds big headed but it's just that it actually came out like I planned!! It's below for you to see, after you have been treated to another peer around my room...
Above is the next space round to the left, from where we left off last week.. boxes and drawers all left over from my late husband's time as owner of this space. I just have so much more stuff than him so it spills over everywhere!!

Round again, you are behind my chair and the desk is opposite. The door is just coming into shot. Pete made it open outwards to give himself more room... it's very useful. Below is the bit beneath both these sections, and I keep many of my ink pads, tools and plates in the drawers on the left.

 You can just spot my little cat, Smudges, disappearing behind the chair. As I am writing this, she is sitting on my feet!!! Mephie is out just now...

Here is the steampunk necklace. The base is a book plate thingy from TH and so are the gears, keys etc. The copper coils I made myself and am very pleased with them. I filled the gap in the plate with black UTEE and stuck in a couple of the gear pieces, then built up from there. I am now about to start on co-ordinating earrings...

I am really happy with this piece. Freddie has been taking some of the other pieces into work for sale (I have sold three more bits since last week!!!) but he says "the girls won't like that one as much"!!! I told him they would NEVER get the chance, as it was designed and made for ME!!!!  Tee hee...
Thanks for getting this far, if you have!! I am off to try to get round to see you all now.