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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WOYWW #155 - And Then There Were Two

Goodly mornington to you, and how lovely it is to see that strange orb in the sky!!!! But what... where has my week gone??? I am sure someone turns the hands on my personal clock when I am not looking!!! - OMG she is completely ga ga today!!! - so it is that bloggly hopping day when we all snoop look at each others' desks - well she was right the first time... she could be in the Olympics for it!!!!! - and from where cometh the permision to do this deed?? Why, it is Julia who say "yes" at the Stamping Ground...
 Strictly speaking, this was Tuesday afternoon, cos I don't do much later in the evening, and that sun is streaming in. The windows were wide open and I was thoroughly enjoying myself... So what is going on?? Another suitcase ?? I hear you cry, and yes, it is, so that's what's on my desk this week... along with all the rest of the grolly you untidy wretch!!!
 And then there were two!! I used the same outer paper, but decided to use a few different features and materials... The first case has grunge paper straps and holders, and handle. They look good, but with use, the fastening holes are getting very raggy and the creases are cracking somewhat...
Whilst watching Kathy Orta a few weeks ago, she demonstrated the use of this stuff called "Tyvek" I have never really heard of it before, so I was intrigued. I sent for a packet of the envelopes she suggested, from Staples, and cut them as directed by Kathy.. well it's FAB stuff. It is strong to the point of indestruction, you can easily cut it, fold it, glue and colour it, it is lightweight, you can sew it etc etc... and I love it...
 So here, I am making a strap for the pocket of my suitcase. I have cut a 2" strip from one of the envelopes and stuck half inch scor tape down the middle... simply fold then stick the second half down
 and voila!!! A VERY strong strap, binding etc etc... the diagonal thingy is my new bone folder and it too is FAB!!!! All the way from America, courtesy of Scapadabadoo  ... my but I do show you exciting piccies eh??!!

 Anyway, you can colour this stuff with distress inks and I used gathered twigs and rusty hinge. You can dry it with a heat gun, but be careful not to scrumple it with too much heat!!! You also need to rub off / in the excess ink. So in the end, it stops coming off.
Here is the strap in situ, all pinned down and holding pen nibs, vials, scissors and a key. I have also made a pretend magnifying glass - to no particular purpose, but heyho!! I am loving the shine on the Tyvek. It really looks like a well worn leather strap... So now it only remains to settle that pocket into the lid of my suitcase and a couple of other ickle jobs, then it will be finished. I intend to use it for more Egyptian memorabilia and photos, so it will be a matched pair of luggage, teehee!!!

Thanks for the visit again this week... I love reading your comments and got to many more of you last week... aiming for a record this time
Love and light