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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WOYWW #121 - Not a Desk, but A GREAT Day!!

 Well, I am just getting back today, and have no desk yet, so the lovely Helen has linked me here and THANKS to her again... This is my younger grandson, starting a GREAT day of red rosettes for the family!!! he does Best Turned Out Pony, Tack and Rider Lead Rein and the judge was MOST impressed with the way Rosie looked... well done Fred, with tack and Miranda with horse!! Also Matthew for being just SO cute!!

 Fred took her in the ring, in hand, and won... she trotted so nicely... see how beautiful her white socks are?? Jayden washed and washed them till they shone!!

 Jayden carried on the day with Best Rider Lead Rein and I think you can see just HOW PLEASED he is!!
His new jacket matches Fred's and he is very proud!!

 Then this is the Fragrant Freddie on Jade... I am about to buy her, as her present owner needs to sell and has given me a great price... Miranda and I LOVE her and could not think of letting her go!! Miranda is learning to ride her. Fred had no pressure then, us having won 3 reds so far, but you can see, he DID win Senior Best Rider!! Woo Hoo...

So here we are back in the lorry with our haul of 4 first places!!!! Best day ever. Miranda is holding the set of reds, and me??? I am taking the photos, I am chef d'equip, and picnic maker, and I pay to enter the classes!!! But we have a good time together.

Hope you did not mind me having a bit of a brag??!! No art, just my lovely family chez Julia this week, so thanks for looking and I shall pop and see YOU when I get home
Love and Light