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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WOYWW - Still no Desk, but Art to Share!!

The art I am sharing this week is, again, not my own, sadly!! And why am I sharing anything??? well, if you have had your head in the sand for many moons, you won't know about the wonderment that is The Stamping Ground... And what am I sharing??? It's the art of the chap who was our cabin steward on board the Orchid, on the Nile...

 He started, simply, with a lotus flower, and he added a ickle vase to the centre... very beautiful, eh??

 Next was an elephant... my fave of the week, actually. He was quite large, and his trunk was very clever. My stick was incorporated into the design, as was a toilet roll for the ickle man on top!!

 Actually, he was not just towels, but had an added pillow... the cover was the throw, folded up. The eyes in all the animals were made from the lids of the bottles of water that we were given each trip...

 So here is the Nile crocodile, the only one we saw the whole week, cos they can't get down to the other half of the river since the building of the dam... what a fantastic creature to be made out of towels...

 Think this was the Fragrant Freddie having a nap!!!  Cool dude with those sun glasses... no not really, just a towel man on his bed!! But I bet you guessed that, eh??

And finally, a scorpion. What a talented chap our steward was. He gave us a demo on the last but one morning, and he did a lot more animals and people, but I did not have my camera with me, so I missed taking photos of those...

And finally for this week, I want to introduce you to my latest fur baby -  Bella The Beautiful Belladonna... She is one of my daughter's cat's second litter!!! NO it was not meant to happen but that cat is totally SHAMELESS!!

 So sweet, and tired out!!

 See the markings on her tum?? She is a calico tortoiseshell and SOOOO cute!!

 She has many lovely ickle bits of ginger stripes... and she is so cuddly.

This ickle face is so sweet, with this lovely ickle white nose and a patch of ginger stripes over her left eye. I know!!! I have too many cats, but she really IS beautiful, and her big brother (a ginger from the previous litter) loves to play with her - hope he does not think she is food!!!!

Thanks for coming to look and commenting... I should be able to get to more of you this week as my plaster is off - I persuaded the doc to let me wear my braces, and have to go back in 4 weeks to check on the healing... still not sure it was broken, but just SO arthritic, they could not tell!!! No wonder I have so many probs, eh?? Still hurts like h--l though!!!
Love and Light