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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

WOYWW #91 - Lots of Goodies!!!

 Good morning all... welcome to my desk again, especially to those of you from the link of the wonderful Julia at Stamping Ground. If you have not had a look there, do go and see how other crafters fill their work spaces!!!

As you can see, I have some wonderful new goodies to play with, following my WONDROUS day with Tim Holtz!! What a fabulous man and great teacher, and what a fabulous day we all had. If you want to see what I did, just scroll down to my last post or follow this link...

I have now got lots of new bits and pieces to play with, and must find some places to put them all...opps!!!! but best goodie of all is below - that is my new Vagabond!!! What a difference it will make to my crafting now I don't have to hurt my hands as much, winding a handle!!! My arthritis stops me from cutting chipboard and thicker stuff, so now I can cut whatever I want to!!! Tim told me I would love it and he was not wrong...

Anyway, have a great day and thanks for coming over to see me again. I am off to finish the card for my lovely grandson's birthday - an 8x8 rendition of the Carling Cup because he is a real Bluenose and was SO excited that Birmingham won on Sunday - only beaten in excitement by his mum!!!!! Pete would have been just as pleased by his team winning something, finally... Thanks for your support
Love and Light

Monday, 28 February 2011

Tim Holtz Configuration Box Day

So here it is... the money shot, as they say!!!! What a great bloke, super teacher and funny man extra-ordinaire.. so nice to have his photo taken with us all, through the day and to sign books, cards and even the configuration boxes we made... He even noticed my steampunk necklace and said it was quite something!!! How great was that...

 This was our wonderful starter kit... this Vagabond sticker is pretty rare... great stuff eh!!! Below is the whole table full of kits - large configuration boxes and the feet for them.

 Here is as far as we got before break, ie two hours or so... we fitted out each little box (bar 3)  with their papers and taped each one to its neighbours. We distressed with ink and a wonderful ancient gold mica spray, which gave everything a great shimmer as it dried. After break, we were given all the goodies to go into the box... a wonderful little calico bag, packed with stuff!!!
A birdcage, buttons, tickets, a doll, flowers, a reel, filmstrips, glass bottles and on and on.. it was very interesting and exciting... yes, that little pink thing in the middle is a toy car... so below is my finished on the day box.

I added a couple of my own pieces, such as chain and a grungepaper rose, and then put the front lid on. I intended to put the four feet on later, but changed my mind, because you would not be able to get into the box again to switch the flickery light on... yes, just above the dolly is the battery operated tea light, which looks great when it's on.

and here it is, as finished, behind it's bit of screen with an Egyptian metal piece and beads... the flickery light looks so jolly!!!

 Here are all my little boxes, one by one. This one has the small pink car in it... so sweet.

 This box has buttons, from my stash, and pen nibs from Tim's bag of goodies. The capital F was made with the new double grunge board pieces and letters, painted, sanded and distressed.

 This reel is authentic, a real  (opps, sorry!!!) one from times past... I was impressed with this.Some people had different shapes, but all were genuine cotton reels.

 The white doll is one from Tim's new stash - a bit scary but just right for the boxes. There is a new lock in there too, with a peice of measuring tape. The roses in the next box are Prima from my own stash, and the bottle has a chain and pearl from Tim. The bottle top is upside down to show the cork side, rather than the printing.

 The 65 is my age just now, made in the same way as the F... love that technique. I added a button and a resin heart, coloured with mica powders...

 Everything here was from Tim, except for the chain inside and outside the bottle, and the tiny flowers in the foreground... I LOVE the birdcage, and wish I could get my hands on some more...

 The game piece was in my bag, but the metal sun is my own.

 Love this fat little bottle with the pearls inside. Behind it is a painted oval with one of my grunge paper roses on it... so pleased that the tape picked up the "chocolat" word to add to the decoration..

 This last compartment contains a small vial, full of beads, from my home stash, and the cork is the one from the bottle where I substituted the pearl and chain tassel. The studs are brads, pressed into the double front seam of the box.

So here, then, finally, is my finished box, all decorated and done. I could not photo with the front on as there was too much glare, but I have the corners at the bottom now, and a foot on each top side, sticking out horizontally. From the resulting brackets.I have hung some thin chain and a crown... looks really good. What a fab project and how very creative Tim made us all feel... it was great to let go, and just put stuff where it went, without considering every piece like I normally would, as an anal Virgo!!!. Have another smaller box to try for myself now, and have bought two new big ones to decorate for my grandsons for Christmas... looking for papers now and small bits to put inside... Have a go at a configurations box - they are really good fun!!!
Thanks for looking
Love and light

He even signed the back of my box!!!

and finally... two of my reprobate friends -