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Friday, 18 February 2011

Diva #9 - Zentangling - Second Challenge and with my Grandson!!

 My beautiful older grandson is 6, rising 7, and loves to craft and draw with me... I showed him zentangling last week when he was here with me because of sickness... he sat all afternoon and had a go. His 2 pieces are above. He used pencil first - he HATES making mistakes and demands perfection from himself (now I wonder who he takes after there then!!! , poor little soul...) but then he realised it would be ok to try, so he used one of my pens - well two actually, as he realised he needed something a bit fatter to colour in the black space!!! I think he did a great job!!

 Here are a few of my efforts this week, trying out a new pattern from the Diva herself!!! She made it up sitting in the hospital with her darling Artoo, who was very poorly...so it's called artoo. She challenged us to use it this time in our tangling, so I had a go... I think I am getting a bit more fluid in my movements. Anyway, I am still LOVING it and the gentle discipline it gives me...

This was last night's effort... a larger square to start with, being about 5"x5" instead of 3" as above... I just let the artoo grow right through the middle and the rest just fitted snuggly round. It's interesting to note that some squares are solid but some are empty in places... I wonder why that is??
Thanks for looking and I hope my new zentagling folks like it!!
Love and Light

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

WOYWW - An Inspiration Book for my Daughter

The Inspiration Book for Miranda... theme is Butterflies

This is the floor to my left side...

This is the front of my own Inspirarion Book, the first couple of pages of which can be seen below, a couple of posts down...

Oh Dear, what a terrible mess, there is stuff everywhere, no matter how I tidy!!! I need to get the boxes and stuff back on the shelves and tidy the floor up, or I won't be able to get ito the room at all.... thing is there is so much creativity going on at the moment, I feel I don't want to stop, as I might not get going again!!! Reading on the ArtsyCrafts group about people practising for the Sir Tim day NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!! EEK... whoops to practising and whoops to it being next week!!!!

 This is the first page spread in Miranda's book... I have used some Mariposa  and K&Co papers plus plain coloured cardstock. A nestie shape is the hinge for each page.

 The butterflies down the sides here, are the pull-outs for each large tag in the envelope pockets. Each large tag will contain an inspirational saying, to lift her spirits and help her out when she feels the need... she so enjoyed thumbing through my book, I could not resist the excuse to make another one!!! She finally got back to work yesterday, after a period of feeling very low... she has had many set-backs in the last 6 years, any one of which would have made a lesser soul sink!!! I love and admire her so much xxx

This is another spread, with it's two tags, the righthand one is actually the subject of the TIO challenge this week - " paying Spring forward". I do hope she likes this book and gets help from it, from handling and reading it... Thanks for looking and have a great week... for those who wonder WHY on earth I would shame myself showing such an untidy workspace, pop over to Stamping Ground to see our queen Julia, whose fab idea this snooping was!!!
Love and Light