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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WOYWW #177 - Look Away Now.....

Look away now if you are squeamish!!! But then you will miss my new zip fastener knee!!! yes, everyone, I am back after my operation... well, been out a long time in only 66 hrs after it, actually - I  beat my own record time this time. 4th joint in fastest time...
 So now I have a full set - two hips and two knees, full metal jacket... opps I mean joints!!!! tee hee. Above I was in the pre-op ward waiting to go to theatre. You see my lovely arrows. The consultant made the dainty ones and the registrar made the fatter ones!! What a jolly sight with my compression stocking on eh??
 And here is my "zip" two weeks later!!! Horrendous number of clips and so close together... but will make a good scar I hope.
 Here are the 38 offending beasties. YES I did say 38... ouch when they came out!! I was good for me, and did not actually cry once, but Miranda said I had not been a good enough ickle soldier to have a lollipop!!!! Awwww.....
And see the nice clean line here?? when all the stuff is healed that's about all that will be seen. Not bad. However, there's a long way to go. I am doing fine and the physio is so pleased with my progress, but I am tired this time. 4 ops in 5 and a half years take their toll... Still I was awake-ish and heard stuff, but no hallucinations this time, thank goodness. Played my meditation music and gave myself over to the process - THANKS PETA!!! So I am healing well and taking time.

So, sorry no crafting just yet and needing to rest but deffo in the land of the living again... Thanks for visiting, care of the wonderful Julia. I hope to get to lots of you this week
Love and light