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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WOYWW #157 - A Slow Week

Well, my title is a SLOW week, but that refers to work on my desk... the TIME, on the other hand has flown apace, and totally disappeared up it's own rear end!!! - careful now, steady on!! - Well it must have, because I blinked and it was gone!!! And why should that be important?? Just a small matter of desk-revealing, shame-inducing, crafty-making and downright snooping at the Stamping Ground. Where would we be without our weekly fix???

So what's on offer this time... not much actually. I have been working on a couple of DT projects, and watching the nation jubilate, whilst explaining "stuff" to my curious grandsons... I am not a royalist, but I love an excuse to extol the long history of our country, etc and the Queen's reign covers much of my life, as I was in my 7th year when she came to the throne, and in my 8th when she was crowned... what changes have occurred, not always for the best... anyway... here it is, for what it's worth...
 Genuinely taken this night/early morning, and featuring - well hardly!!! - a new mini album I am making for the second suitcase and the many other photos of Egypt I want to include. The cover is getting it's paper jacket wraps, from the full size Trade Winds collections by DCWV. Yummyliscious... I do hope it won't crack, though, as I wrap it around the cover and spine... their paper is great but does have that tendency - has anyone else found that, or is it just me???- prolly just you then!! 

I am using a mixture of black, kraft and paperbag paper, and the whole album will be about 7and half ins X 5and half. Have you used scor tape yet?? It's easily as sticky as the red line, but the backing comes off easier and does not stick to your fingers et al ... uhhhg that drives me wild!!! Well, the chipboard cover is almost done, the pages are ready to stick in. There is only the spine to make. This album is adapted from a deign by Kathy Orta, a wonderfully profane but clever scrapper, with some great ideas. It's her hidden hinge I will use this time...

And finally this week, a shout out for my erstwhille Taiji teacher, long-time friend and mentor, Peta, who is a quite remarkable lady of MANY talents, one of the greatest being as an osetomyologist (she works with the soft tissue of the body) and the giver of much relief through use of the Bowen Technique on my poor, weary bod!!! Well, recently added to her repertoire is soap making. She asked me if she could borrow some rubber stamps, so I complied. The results are nothing short of amazing!!! Soap... stamped, and designed to have a  traslucent window window, through which the sun can cascade!! - ooo, get her waxing poetical ...
 Well, she entered this into a prestigious competition, and WON!!!! yes won... so you can imagine how proud of her I am!!! Well done,  Peta. Terrific design. Just look how the light shines through the patterns, and how strong the colours are...

Well, I am now done harassing you and am off to bed - turned 3.30 am, daft bat!!!
Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate and value any comments
Love and light