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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WOYWW #171 - Cards and Tiny Tin!!

Hi Wyggers... s'me again, with a flying leap to catch up to the week, dashing by!! Leaping for what, you may ask... well, my dear readers, leaping on to the magic carpet that is the Stamping Ground, run by our intrepid leader, Julia, so we can all blog peacefully together - well that's the theory if it!! snooping more to the point!! ha ha...
 So here is my "money shot" this week, in the middle of designing and making a couple of cards and altering a wee ickle tin. I have not had chance for much crafting... it is simply work in progress this week, actually - yes, but you should see the REST of the room!! OMG!!!
 Firstly, a ickle tobacco tin that Pete left in his cupboards... Well, they are MINE now and I can use whatever I want... As you can see from the numbers on the cutting mat on my screen, it is actually only  a very small tin but has been transformed ... eh, voici...
Some patterned paper, distressed and smeared with the dreaded Rub n' Buff!!! and it looks so different, eh?? The charm is a delightful one, made of brass, but slightly altered and enhanced... I want it to take a bit of my makeup in and it will do the job nicely, going to Turkey!! - huh!! show off!!! Anyone would think it's your birthday too...pah!!
Then, I have been making a couple of cards... one is a commission from my great friend, Peta, and the other is a congrats card for and her new hubby!! Good stuff - well THAT news shook you didn't it dear??!! This one is for said hubby, whose birthday is a week after mine, and I DO hope he likes it. The bloke looks a lot like him I think!!!
 This shot is from the back of the card, behind the raised cogs and main image. Most of the pieces I used are from the Kanban steampunk range, which is REALLY fab to use. Wendie's great influences here no doubt, but she seems to have gone from the scene again... shame!! - oh do get on!!
The beauty of these easel style cards is that they are so dimensional but they fold nice and flat!!!
Lots of the cogs move and especially this large one, which swizzles round when given a helping hand!!! - brrr... you need to get your nails done before that holiday, mrs. woman!!! 
And this is a HUGE card I made for their wedding congrats, only a week late, the card that is, not the wedding!!! - well THAT could be said to be years late, but it would be rude, so shut up Gaywood!!! I have used the same bloke - oh yes, very subtle!!!  I had great fun using my TH distressing tool all around the edge to give this piece it's aged look. The base patterned paper is from the Timeless collection by DCWV ... I LOVE LOVE this set of papers...
And true to form, I have decorated the back too. It really came out well. Peta does look at my blog, so I hope I deliver these before she sees... still, in real life, the colours are much more vivid and the cogs are nice and shiny!! and anyway, she likes seeing what I do...

So, next 2 weeks, I will be off and away to beautiful Turkey for rest and rest and rest and play!!! I may be able to read and comment but won't be able to show my desk - obviously NOT, drip!!! but I shall be thinking of you all and wishing you were here/there, well you know what I mean... so goodbye, party people!! Have a great couple of weeks (one on the beach and one cruising up the Aegean Sea to Istanbul... always wanted to go to Byzantium/Constaninople... yippee!!)
Love and light