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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog - #2

Hi, it is my turn again, to offer a piece at  The Atistic Stamper Creative Team Blog... I feel so pleased to have been asked!! Last time, I did mokume gane and this time, I have gone for triple embossing... it's my very fave thing to do because it is so like alchemy!!! Those powders are fabulous, and especially the Moonglow series from The Stampman, which I used here...

 This one uses the two tone midnight  sapphire obsidian and the morning glory azure teal blue - a truly STUNNING colour!! And here, I am modelling my latest piece of equipment - my crafty gloves, specially made to help my poorly, arthritic paws when I am making stuff!! Swish huh?? Wish I had bought 3 pairs, as then I could wash them out when they gets messily horrid!! tee hee... they do help though, through an ordinary day too... hands have been particularly rubbish this last fortnight!!

 This is a wonderful colour I bought a trillion years ago from Stamp Addicts. It is verdigris. Wonderful. And I now I must confess that it was watching the girls' so-talented mum, Carol, demo triple embossing, that completely hooked me into crafting. She was an amazingly gifted crafter, and a brilliant stamper... so thanks for the memory, Carol xx    Oh, and I love that screw head too, don't you??

 These are the stamps I used... a grid, gears, script, keys, clocks and sequin. They can all be found on the creative team blog, and for sale at The Artistic Stamper... check them out, they are so versatile.

And this is as much of the finished piece that I am going to show just now. Pop and check it out on the Atistic Stamper Creative Team Blog, and leave a comment, please (between you and me, I am hoping for a teamie place there, but keep it a secret between you and me!!)

Off now to do shopping for the second horse show of the season, tomorrow!!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments, they are truly appreciated...
Love and light

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

WOYWW #149 - Beads and Beading

Hello hoppers. Time for that snoop around the world, to see what mess others make of their desks and work spaces, care of Julia and the Stamping Ground. If you want to look-see or join in, just follow my link. It's great fun.

I did not get to as many of you as I wanted to last time, as I have had a difficult few days with mum's care... suffice it to say, the District nurse is coming tomorrow morning, and I want a few answers!!! - now Gaywood, just don't cry like you did this morning!!!

Anyway, on to happier things. Because I have been very stressed and my energy has wobbled about like crazy, I have tried to get creative more often, so I am catching up on DT work etc... and I finished off the beads I made for my design spot with the Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog. So that's what's on my desk this evening...

 Now look closely 'cos I have been brave and shown you a goodly portion of my space today - well that's because she actually cleaned the floor and it's at least respectable today!!!

 I began with the centre drop, using a Vintaj piece. I pierced it three times to hold the jump rings. That ickle bead is going to dangly inside the ring...

 I am well on with my wire work here, and have made some earrings to match. The beads were made in mokume gane style with polymer clay. The whole technique was posted here, at the Artistic Stamper site, if you are interested to see how it was done... I also made a frame, which I will show you at the end of this set.

Anyway, back to those earrings!!! Well these are yours truly's ears - what a pity the jewellery does not match the blouse!!!! These beads here are real agate.

And here is the finished ensemble - woo, get her being all posh!! - I made the bracelet some time ago, and wanted the necklace and earrings to "match". I think it turned out quite well.

 This is the drop detail, and the ickle bead in pride of place, all dangly and stuff...

So that's the finished project. I am very pleased with the beads and the set looks really nice all together.

This is the frame I made with clay. Well I am off now to try to sleep and gird my loins to confront the district nurse in the morning!! Thanks for visiting and have a great week.
Love and light