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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

WOYWW #146 - Tim, Tag and Treasure

Morning and happy WOYWW - AGAIN!!! Now come on you out there, who stole my week?? I suspect it's the same someone who drinks my cuppa tea when I set it down for a moment, or who steals my Tim rule or Martha Stewart craft knife when I am not looking!!!! I know you are out there and I am going to catch you one day - that's it then, folks, she really HAS flipped this time!!! Poor soul, I think the mother thing must be contageous!!!

So what, my ickle poppets, can I delight you with today?.. it being snoopy-desk-marathon-time over at Stamping Ground with Julia... Well, I am currently - perhaps even as you read this dear friend - getting the Distress King, Tim Holtz into bed with me each morning - now before you get hot under the collar, or turn off the blog with disgust, it's not what you think, of course!!! I am watching that delectable and hightly talented artist, expalin stuff to me and show me his techniques!!! On tags, you understand!!! I am doing his first ever online course and it's fab... so that's what's on my desk just now...

 I have done 3 annotated tags already, and I shall make a file for them, so I can keep them for future reference, as he suggests. One of the great things about the course, though, is that you get lifetime access to go back and look whenever you want. It's REALLY interesting.

 As it's also come round to TIO fortnight, I decided to use a couple of the techniques on a tag for our theme this time, which is the book title, "The Thorn Birds"... I went with the legend itself, which is about a mythical bird that searches for thorn trees from the day it is hatched. When it finds the perfect thorn, it impales itself, and sings the most beautiful song ever heard, as it dies... aww...

 I used a TH birdie for the mythical one. He looked forlorn when I took him out of the drawer. I didn't have any thorns but used a stamp from a set by The Stampman, and added more spikey bits with my black soot marker, The blossoms are coloured with distress markers too... yum

 I made him fly down on to the page - yes, I knew she had lost it folks... - and look as if he were hovering over a thorn. If you look carefully at his breast, you can see he is already pierced and bleeding, hence the music on his tag and mounting sheet... aww poor thing... the background colours are meant to echo the Australian outback red earth..

The words are from the same TH sheet, and the heart is from the wonderful packaging from Art From the Heart... impressive that...

So that's it for this time, I think. Nowt much to report, otherwise. I just did not have the heart to tell you, last week, that I fell AGAIN a fortnight ago... on my landing AGAIN... REALLY banged myself up that time, but healing now... landed on both knees, actually, and hung my TH scissors on the door handle, quite involuntarily I can assure you!!! Mum's physio wondered if she should not be seeing me instead of mum!!! Tee hee.

Horses are going well, boys riding superbly, the Fragrant Freddie is off just now with a nasty chest infection, and the dishwasher has been on the blink!!! Getting mended as you read this, I hope 'cos I HATES washing up more than most things!!!!
Love and Light
PS We have a DT call out for DragonsDream Tag It On, if you are interested in applying... email me and enter a piece for the current challenge, and the team and I will consider you... Go on, you KNOW you want to!!!

PPS Many of you have spotted a cat in my window... that is my first one called Mephistopheles -Mephie for short 'cos he can't spell it!!! He is always with me when I craft, if he is around... many others come there too, to help with my muse