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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Finally, Our Handfasting Photos from June


We have just been sent these from a dear friend who attended our handfasting wedding. I was pleased to get them, as I did not think to have some formal poses taken and it's difficult to show people a DVD!!! We had done lots of planning but forgot about that!! Still, we are happy with these and hope to get a couple more from others who were there, eventually.

We are pleased to share them with you, and thanks for all your support in the past few years, to those of you who have followed me for a while. I am a very happy lady with Freddie, and I know Pete would be pleased. It is the anniversary of his death next week. I am sure I shall feel funny, but I am much stronger for having Fred's suuport and my daughter's approval... The boys love him (you can see that from the way Matt is looking in the horsey photos below...) and that means a lot.

Thanks for looking