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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

WOYWW - Follow-up from Last Week!!

Hi everyone, followers and WOYWWiggers!!! It's THAT time of the week again when the crafty bloggers of the world unite to bare all... steady!!!  only in their crafty spaces/rooms/floors/desks/suites etc... all courtesy of the lovely Julia, desky-in-chief at Stamping Ground... and where has the time fled to this week, again... ???

I am fast running out of time to get mum's room ready... however, we are doing ok and are nearly there!! Here's my workspace this week, then... mum's room

 This corner is opposite the door into the room, and this lovely new screen will make personal stuff a bit more private for mum. It is very pretty and it's something I have thought of buying for my conservatory for a long while...

 This is the far corner of the room, with the new chest of drawers and mum's tele on top.  I think we shall move the drill etc before she gets into bed, LOL!!!

And here is the far corner at the other side of the window, with her easy chair from home... we went up there Sunday and it was VERY odd, to say the least...ah well!!!  I think we shall have to move the drill boxes when she wants to sit down... ok, it's wearing thin eh!!??

But I am still reeling a little from the burning of the horse box yesterday... if you are interested in the latest tale of woe, see the post below, or click here... sad. sad day, and the boys are still really upset. Jay made a list of all that was lost and took it into school to discuss with his teacher - victim support rang us today, we were referred from the police - perhaps it would do the boys good to have a chat to someone neutral about their loss...

Anyway, I have to go today, and pay for the van windscreen to be mended from Sunday's trip, as we had a stone chip it and they are making me cough up £145!!! It has made it a VERY expensive trip to get mum's stuff!!!! Oh well, bring on the next bad thing...

Please send calming, healing vibes for shattered nerves and hacking cough!! I know everything will be ok, but it's getting very difficult to trust and keep the faith... there is a purpose but I can't see it just now!!!
Love and light
PS - I WILL do crafting soon, I promise, meanwhile don't stop coming to visit, please. xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Just When...

Just when you think things can't get much worse... they get worse!!!! I must have inadvertantly killed loads of robins this year for all the disasters that have occurred!!!

So what is it this time I hear you shout... come on tell us - well, early hours of  yesterday (Sunday/Monday) morning, our farmer called us to say the horse box, our old but much loved lorry, was ablaze!!! We dragged on clothes and drove up to the farm to find the lorry completely burnt out and steaming gently. The firemen were just finishing dowsing it down. It had taken 3 tenders of water to put it out, and there had been more than 1000 degrees of heat at the fire's height!!! There was NOTHING left in there... not even the steering wheel!! The partitions were warped and twisted... and no sign of ANYTHING that had been inside...

There had been some pieces of show equipment in there, obviously. The season was not finished when we came home from Egypt, but we had to stop and not do the last two shows because of my and Miranda's broken bones!!! Well, things can be replaced, but we cannot replace the rosettes that Freddie, Miranda and the boys worked SO hard to earn

For example, this was our BESTIST day, with a haul of 4 firsts!! That was a SUPER day, and at the edge of the photo you can see just a fraction of the others we won this season... we can never replace them... and how did all this happen you may be asking??? The fire chief said it was arson!!!so someone cut the door to break in and set it aflame, for some reason... The boys were devastated, and so were we adults. Mindless violence and vandalism...

So now the fight starts with the insurance company, to recoup some of the things lost and get enough back towards another lorry, cos we are not giving up!!!!!!! Burnt lorry and my mum will NOT get in the way of us having great family times with the horses we love...

Please send some positive healing and protective vibes to help us have nothing more horrid happening, cos I am rapidly going under!!! Have got a chest infection just now and started taking the happy pills yeserday, to try and get my act together!!!
Love and light