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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WOYWW #99 - I'm Cheating this week!!!!

Last Thursday I had my thumbs injected because I have arthritis, so I am not up to much crafting till they settle... they are bruising up nicely now, where the needles went in, and I am trying not to use them much, so the treatment will last me a bit longer... I usually get about 10 months relatively pain free... well, that's the theory!!! Typing takes an age, but I can manage that!!!

SO.... what to show, as I can't bear not to join in!!!! With what, some of you cry... if you don't know, it's with the wondrous Julia and Stamping Ground, so pop and have a look... and for your delectation, I have my kittens, now almost 7 weeks old, and being absolutely adorable little cats... so cute and definitely  characters... eating and using their tray, they are SO grown up... VOILA!!!!

The black and white is Milly Molly Minxy - Minxy for short... second born and first to do stuff.

The grey is Misty Morning - Misty for short (sorry he is a bit blurred occasionally but you should see him move!!!) YES!!! this is the one I thought I might not rear, as he was so puny and had such deformed back legs for a while!!!

Here he is playing with mum - Smudges... she gets quite brutal with them at times, and makes them squeal, but they are growing up so well adjusted, just like her...
In the background, you can see their "playpen" in my conservatory... it's redundant now as they can all leap straight out!!! Wow, they can go!!!

Awww, just so cute and loving... he was really enjoying this cuddle, but I was liking it even more!!!

This is Minxy with the lovely Freddie... he loves them nearly as much as me!!! They love being with him too. He has such positive, strong energy...

Both the girls settled with him here... sweet or what!!??

 And this was my Misty again... absolutley spark out after a great play fight with his sisters... What a yummy, pink nose... he does not have any black at all...

And last but not least, here is third born Cinderella Rockerfella - Cinders/Cindy for short... I belive that all cats should have an important lonnnggg name and a pet name, along with T.S.Eliot!! She is most like mum to look at, but not so much black... she is like her aunty, who lives with my daughter...

So there you have them... my yummy brood, growing up fast, and getting into everything. Hope you enjoyed seeing them... I shall be back with craft next week, as I am getting so fed up not doing any!!
Thanks for looking
Love and light
PS... in case you did not get back to see that birdie piece last week, here it is and I made top three at Simon Says Stamp and Show with it, yay!!! SO excited to do that again, such an honour!!