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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW #162 - Good Stuff v Bad Stuff

Morning, evening, night, afternoon wherever you are in the WOYWW world... what a dreary, miserable, wet, dull, rainy, disappointing (tennis!!) painful, depressive, dark, dismal, galling and breakdown (horse lorry) week it has been... bad stuff eh??

Good stuff - Thank goodness for my weekly snoopy dodge around your fab blogs, and for your WONDERFULLY supportive comments on my own... last week was particularly nice that so many of you were glad for me winning my fight!!! and a plus, my dear readers... the whole new prescription arrived in Friday, so no struggling on until August !!! Yippee from me and mum...

Bad stuff - Tried to take the big mare to her first jumping show of the year, what with one thing and another... all set, picnic packed, horse loaded, boys on board, my mother safely left behind!!, everybody happy.... few miles travelled, then lumpy engine and no go!!! Horse was on for hours and we never did get there... we were brought home in a pick up and Freddie waited with the mare and was towed home... anyone know of a mobile lorry mechanic????

What's that you are shouting ???? Pest - oh no, I hear you now it's DESK isn't it?? Well here goes
Not half bad, eh?? Those of you who know it well, will see that most of the same stuff is out but there is a new occupant!! Yep, I finally had to resort to my SADlight or get further down in the dumps!!! Had it on a couple of days now, and hope it helps...

So how did the TIO tag turn out??
I am really leased with it, as it has lots going on and it's fun... it's a great recipe this week so why not have a look see and do it yourself!! We are starting a feature called DreamBoat3 where we choose our faves and pick 'em out for a mention... no prizes unfortunately, but a bit of pride for the shout out!!

Next few things are sneaky previews of stuff made for my good friend, back saviour and one-time-Taiji teacher, Peta... but can't show the whole cards as she reads here and has not seen them yet!!! Stuff for her family...
for her nephew
for her niece
for her sister
for herself for displaying her soaps at the fayres she does - a vintage suitcase like those I made for myself, but in different papers... woo, it's SO pretty!! 

Anyways, that's all folks... the good stuff is all the art I have made this week... I am just feeling so creative, even though in pain, so I craft to forget it... just in my own ickle world - are YOU like that I wonder?? with a time warp in your crafty space doorway!!?? Well I am away now to try to sleep - that's a hoot, but I have to try. Thanks for ALL your support, it means SO MUCH to me.
Love and light