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Friday, 7 September 2012

Give Away Winner

Hi All
As promised on Wednesday last, I am here now to announce the winner of the birdie spare tag I made for Laura Denison's swap. I really enjoyed making so many alike, but unalike - is that a word??? - and I am so pleased that so many people felt moved enough to comment and enter the draw. So, who is the "lucky winner" of the random draw??

I put 33 into the generator and number   26  came out... so counting through I think that should be Silvie/Barnie!! She is a member of my DDDT, but it was NOT a fix, honest!!!! So email me, Silvie, with your address and I will send it off to you as soon as possible.

Love and light

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOYWW #170 - Make Time to Make Art

That is very difficult just now... time seems to slide by out of the corner of my eye, when I am not looking!!! -OMG she is off already!!! this is a record... must be all that sporty stuff on TV!!! gold medal this week!!!! -  Anyway, as I was saying, time is leaping past and my birthday will be here in a couple of weeks!!!(21st) Then the year gallops, rapidly downhill - would be great if she had ever got UP-hill this year!!! - The week has flown and it's time for another swoop around the world aboard the magic carpet called Stamping Ground. So, here is the desk shot - not very edifying, but in progress of a sort.
Time to make anything seems at a premium, then, and the jolly old crafty'oom stays silent, dusty and empty for days on end... - you are meant to get out your violins and handkies at this point, dear reader!! - not because there is no muse but because other things call me away, and family needs my attention... - oh yes, and there is something she has not told you yet, my dears.... - we have been on a couple of outings including to Scope at Stafford, a fabulous horse show, to see others jump and show for a change. That was a great day for all of us, except mum, who had to be organised at home. - Come on, woman, tell them, you know you want to - So here is my lovely news in pics

So WHAT is so remarkable some of you may ask?? Well, it's BOTH my little lads riding at once, which can only mean one thing - OMG, she is at it again... DO GET ON Gaywood!!! - that we now have 2 ponies. And this one is called Beau, just like our very first one!!! But he is 16 and knows what's what. He was a snip to a good home and we love him already. Jay has him so he can do his cantering now, and Matt has Rosie, but they can each ride the other.... I must be MAD!!! but I do get such pleasure from it all and I can't help but give back that pleasure to my family.

And any art, you are waiting to hear - oh, she noticed dear readers, at last - well, a couple more pages on my album and the TIO tag for this week "In a Heart Beat" recipe, a beating heart, a tattered timepiece and a bit of grunge
 The heart is from an Elusive Images set, coloured with distress inks on my new Splodge mat
 Here is the title of my piece and the watch I made. The strap is fun, made from tyvek, coloured with distress inks, then distressed!! I loved doing the additions of the eyelets, below...
 Lots and lots of textured loveliness!!The black tag was put through the Vaga-007-bond - OMG!!! - in a texture folder, then inked with clear ink, and covered with verdigis and garnet ep... liking the look
And here is the whole thing. I liked it's simplicity. I sometimes get so involved and fancy, and throw the kitchen sink at it, but I KISSed it this time!!! Hope you like it.

So, thanks for the visit and comments... I have not done the draw for the tag last week, yet, so have a look and see if you would like to try for it - just leave a comment there too, to be in with a chance to win it... draw at the weekend.
Love and light