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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WOYWW #143 - A Fall Before Any Pride!!

OMG!!! I just can't keep on my feet and the rest of my female family is just as bad!!! What now??? I hear you all cry... what on earth are you showing us your dirty leg for??!! Well, it's NOT dirt, it's one HUGE bruise!! And it's a longish story... anyway Miranda's op on Thursday did not go smoothly - well the op did but the aftermath was VERY traumatic for a while, with her on the critical list for a few hours!!!

Worrying about her and being a bit distracted, I tripped on my landing, after having a wash ready to go visit her, and hurt me a very lot!!! So that's what it looks like tonight!! PS Miranda finally came out of hospital on Sunday afternoon, and has to lay up for a fortnight, then we'll go from there!!

And after the fall?? Well some art and a desk - courtesy of the wondrous Julia at Stamping Ground headquarers... because that's really what you came for eh??!!

 So here it is in all it's making glory!! I have finally started on the vintage suitcase project from Laura Denison, of The Paper Trail. I have the chipboard all cut here - took AGES with my gammy hands, especially after I fell!! - for the base of the suitcase. Below and right, is a view of the lid all done. My distress ink browns-drawer is sporting some of my new markers!!!! YEY!!!

 The pattern goes together very well, and I am using the paper Laura used, which is 7 Gypsies Conservatory. The inset piece is sticky back canvas, coloured with distress in frayed burlap...

 This is the other end of my desk, with the pattern instuctions all ready to follow.

 I laid the chipboard on the paper then cut round, and made the aperture for the canvas insert. This is a new Martha Stewart craft knife which came from America, from Srapadabadoo.com with my chipbard and a few other goodies!!!

 The paper gets wrapped and stuck - duh!!! obviously!! - then ...

 The corners are made from squares of cardstock, folded, trimmed and cut to make them fit, as below

 Hiding on the top of the cupboard at the back is the beginnings of another make... see further down for a closer look!!

Along the lid aperture, I set a row of ball chain, dipped in alcohol inks to age and colourise it, and I shall do the rest of the outside bits tomorrow - when I have finished my grandson's card for his birthday on Saturday... he will be 8 and I can't believe it...

 He designed his invitations... the first picture here is what he drew and said he wanted... he did it A4 and so had room on the front for his details. This pic above shows my interpretation of it, done postcard size and so the deets are on the back... To say he was thrilled is an understatement!!!

He LOVED the black border with all the holes - an afterthought on my part, when his mommy said the holes in his one were "on purpose and part of the design" !!?? Good ole distress inks and smooshing made the multicoloured background simples, compared to his colouring in with crayons!!

And finally, the close ups promised earlier... the beginnings of his card. He wants the two moshi monsters, Zimmer (?) and Katsuma (?) - not sure of the spellings!!! he is the former and Matthew is the latter - and it suits them!!!! tee hee... I will blog the finished card after he gets it... Saturday will be hilarious - we are supposed to be Laser Questing and Bowling with his little mates with a mommy who can't walk very much and my demented mother!!! Whoopy doo, that WILL be fun... Anyway, let's hope this next week will be a little less eventful for me and very lovely for you... Thanks for coming and commenting an keeping me sane - well, relatively!!!
Love and light