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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WOYWW # 152 - Playing with Patinas

Welcome again to the galloping weeks of 2012!! Where is the year going I need to know?? I am blog-hopping again, courtesy of Julia at Stamping Ground, so join in if you don't already... it's SUCH fun to sneaky peek at what others are doing - well, she is just nosey, folks!!
I have been doing quite a lot of stuff, actually, to escape the other stuff!!! But here was my desk, as I started my projects, and it's not normal, so just don't faint, that's all!!!!
 Yep!!! I can do tidy!!!! So it's all ready for making stuff... and below is what I made....
 It's one of my pendants, and I love how it turned out. I have been playing with the new Vintaj Patinas, by Ranger and the colours are fab... here I used verdigris, moss and jade, which all come together as one pack. The Artistic Stamper is carrying these right now!! They are VERY new...
 I took a blank piece and ran it through my Vagabond with a decoetch... that shows up as the shiny pattern underneath the leaves. They are also Vintaj, with a riveted flower and a filigree piece, wrapped from the back.
 The flower here is a bead cap, hammered flat, attached with a head pin to the bolt ring. The same bead caps adorn the ickle beads. I wrapped their rings for added texture...
I carried this technique through to these dainty earrings. All the green beads are magnesite, a genuine gemstone, and all the pieces and bits are Vintaj. But how?? well below, I give you a taste of the process on my first go...
 I used my other set for this one, and a round blank. The colours are rust, cinnabar and clay.
 You need to use a paint brush for these patinas, and I think I was a bit heavy-handed on this first one - well, you often are!!!
 When it was dry, I buffed it with a special Vintaj block, to bring back the pattern shapes...owww it's so satisfying!!!
 There is no need to glaze if you don't want to, but it does save the colour of the metal, apparently.. so I did glaze this one, to see how it looked. It will dry clear...
 Finally, I wrapped it in a butterfly filligree piece. I am planning on using it with some red agate and red malachite - just these colours!! I will show you when it's done... I need to design how I want the beads to go first!!!

And that desk???
Oh dear!!! You knew it couldn't last, didn't you??? I heard you whispering as much when you saw the first picture!!! But oh, it was so nice to be creative and to forget all the washing and nagging and crazy conversations downstairs - she is tempted to say "and that's only Freddie, but she won't!!! tee hee LOL!!!

So that's what it looks like now... but it's all going shortly to make way for some more crafty... I shall soon be posting my TIO tag... we are doing RECIPES now, but with a twist, so come on over and join us, and get inky... if you want to see what I do, look at the post before this one!!
Love and light

TIO #115 - Behind the Mask

 We have changed our format at DragonsDream TIO, for this next round. Usually, you just get a title, but now we are doing RECIPES = 3 ingredients you need to add to the mix, in addition to using at least one real stamp... I used a Paperartsy plate and some Tim Holtz images, to create my tag. I also used masks by That Special Touch, and some metalic Eco paint.
 I used this stamp because I thought her expression looked like a mask - nothing behind the eyes!! and this close up shows the metallic paint.
 I used pan Pastels for the background and through my masks, using versamark to make the pattern stand out... this close up shows how I masked the lady off in order to stamp the caligraphy over the whole background. I did not use a block to do this, but held the stamp in my hand in order to have some faded bits... I love how the pen nibs peep out from behind the ribbon...
 This picture shows the patterns caused when using the versamark through the mask, then adding more pastel colour... I am loving using these.
So this is the whole tag, showing the Tim ruffled ribbon at the bottom, also coloured with the Pan Pastels. The tie at the top is a bit of burlap.

If you would like to join in, please get inky and add your piece to the linky thing!!
Love and light