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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WOYWW #139 - Don't Faint, It's a Bit Tidier!!!

Hi All.... I hope you are all well. I have missed you and hope I can get back to visiting you properly again... where? well right HERE chez Julia of course...

And do I have anything on offer?? Well YES for a change. I have been having a tidy and a sort around in readiness for a proper spring clean... YEA and verily thus... it IS THAT BAD that I have to tidy up before I can tidy!!!! Ha ha ha ... So on the newly EMPTY desk I decided to get out my beads and findings ready to put into my crimble pressies - the TH boxes!!! I have some new Vintaj on order too, so I shall be having a good go at that before long... I DO HOPE!!!!

And why have I been SO absent??? Well I have had a shockingly awful week and bit with mum... she really is beyond the pale at times... still that's mine to sort out!!! Surfice it to say I don't get much time to myself, and none in my "craftyoom" until today. Freddie fitted a bolt on mum's door for when I need to be sure she is safe and not roaming around the house, tripping on my chinese rugs and cat toys, not to mention any one of my 6 cats!!!!!! So I used it today, to get time to sort and sift!!! Yumminess it was too...

 The thingy with footies on is my Jay's design for his birthday invitations... so I hope to get those finished tomorrow, so he can send them out on Friday... His background is beautifully multi-coloured, so I am doing a smooch with his colours in distress inks then cutting his footballs out and pasting...

And I even made a start with sorting and labelling my newest boxes of card. This unit is directly behind me when I am at my desk. I have started at the top and am working my way down... After the week I have had, tidying is strangely theraputic!!!! Oh my, those of you who know me or visit often will KNOW I am needing help!!! Tee hee... oh well, here's hoping Miranda will hear about her bone graft soon, so she can start and finish her next six weeks in plaster before the year gets too much older!!!

I will definitely be coming round to see you, so pop the kettle on!!!
Love and light to you all