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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

WOYWW #153 - Walk like an Egyptian +350

Hi everyone... that time again when all is stripped bare for our art's sake - opps!! careful!!! - or for mere snooping... - that's more like it in your case, lady!!! If you have just landed from an alien planet, I am talking about our lovely weekly trip around the desks of the world, courtesy of our lovely Julia and her admirably funny blog, Stamping Ground...
So what's goin' on here, chez moi???
 Well, here's the desk, fairly tidy, with my usual tools kicking around, and THAT suitcase again... Why?? because I finally made the mini to go inside...
 And talking of the inside, here it is, complete with top pocket and leather straps. The mini scrapbook is beneath this gorgeous creature...
 And these are some treasures to go inside - all our wonderfully beautiful tickets from the various sites and places we visited... here is the one for the Carter house, for instance, where we saw Howard's suitcases, stove, camera and typwriter, to name but a few... see here
 So I finally popped them into the places I had made for them... just right - not that she's big-headed or anything folks!!!
 And the book sits waiting to be taken out and looked through...
 whilst, underneath is a set of wonderful postcards from the Valley of the Kings, 'cos you can't take any photos there... it almost looks as if this suitcase is made to measure!!!
 Front inside cover has a deep pocket to hold 6x4 cards for journaling and a photo. The storage is a set of pockets on each page, for several small photos to sit, almost like tickets themselves... -oops, she's waxing lyrical again folk, somebody stop her!!!

More pages and pockets to house the small photos. I distressed round the edges. Just look at that blue sky!!!

 Many, if not all of the pages contain paper/ cardstock from the matte stack of The Trade Winds by DCWV... useful ickle pages and you don't have to cut the big ones!!!  - oh dear! she is Frankie and she is an addict!!!
 Many of the other papers are KanBan and Sue Smith, that I have had for a zillion and two light years - she is exaggerating again, of course, it was only a gazillion and one!!! tee hee...
That's it then. I used many of the design features for it, from Laura Denison of The Paper Trail, and expect I shall make a larger version for bigger photos and souvenirs. I am really VERY pleased with how it turned out and look forward to mounting all my pictures and photos to slot into the pockets.  It's nice, finally, to internalise that holiday, last September. Mum, Miranda and myself all had problems, and those days finished up changing our lives here, forever... all whilst I glided peaefully along that beautiful, iconic river Nile....

All that, and this is my 350th post!!! Woo, I must talk a lot - what???? what??? talk?? you!!! surely not!!!?? I just hope some of you find it a bit entertaining, and arty!!! Have a great week
Love and light