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Monday, 23 March 2009

A Few More...

Here are a few more inchy "jewels"... Don't worry about having a small enough stamp!! The top 2, bottom 2 and the left middle, are all from parts of the Life is in Bloom stamp from Stamp Addicts. The middle right is one of the parts of the bookmark stamp from Elusive Images. These were all done with 2 colours of ep on the top layer, after using thick, clear on the first and second layer. The bottom 2 use 2 kinds of verdigris - love them!!

InchyByInch Challenge - "Little Jewels" with triple embossing

Hi... welcome to this InchyByInch challenge. I do hope you all enjoy it. Get out your stuff and have a go - it's true alchemy, as far as I am concerned. OOOOO, I am so thrilled!! I have written a tutorial which might help you get started, if you have never done triple embossing before. It seems long but it's just me chattering on!!! Here goes :-

Triple Embossing to make “Little Jewels”

This technique is simple and so effective. if you have some embossing powders, a heat gun, a versamark pad and a stamp, you are in business! Always work on a heatproof surface, as the heated powders get very hot.

For my inchies here, I began with some thick card from Magenta, already cut into inch squares. Woodware do them too, or you can make your own. The thickness is important, so the finished article does not curl up and crack! You can use the backing from those stiffened envelopes you get paper and card products delivered in.

1) Prepare your surface and gather all your elements together, because you will need to be reasonably quick once the powders are heated.

2) Cover your card piece, liberally, with the embossing fluid from the versamark pad, or similar. I do so much of this that I bought a 2 fl oz bottle from Stamp Addicts, by Judikins. It has a dabber on top for application, but it’s not necessary, a pad will do.

3) For my inchies here, I covered the card with black ep and heated. I repeated this 3 times, in order to build up the depth. As each of the first 2 layers is heated, drop it back into the powder. If you are too slow, cover again with the embossing fluid.

4) As you are ready to heat for the third time, ink up your chosen stamp, using your colour of choice, (eg gold) and put it ready to use. Heat your piece until it is smooth, molten and shiny, then take up your stamp and press the image into the hot mixture. It will not damage the stamp! Leave it to set for a short time then remove the stamp. You will have the wonderful, “squigged” (my technical term!!!) image of the stamp indented into the ep. It may overflow the edges or be deeper in some places, that just adds to the magic. You can cut off the edges if you want, when the piece is cooler.

5) Instead of black, you can use any colour ep, or any mixture of colours. You only need them to be molten, in order to impress the image. Just sprinkle various colours on to your heating piece, and they will blend like alchemy!! I have some examples like this on my blog. Run a gold or silver pen round the edges to finish them off neatly.

6) When mine were cool, I brushed different Cosmic Shimmer powders onto them. You can use Perfect Pearls, or other similar mica powders. This technique works best on black ep, I find. I GENTLY reheated the piece to set the shimmers – if you reheat too much, you will melt the indentation away... this is handy if you did not like what you made, because you can stamp it all over again, once you reheat! If you had used gold ink, this will melt into the mix too, and can be SO effective!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at
Dragon@Dragonsweb.net or on my blog. ENJOY!!!

Here are a few more...

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Watch This Space!!

I have been asked to be a Guest Designer for the InchyByInch challenge this next week, so please watch out for it and do join in, if you can!! I shall really enjoy visiting all those blogs!! Well, I do anyway, but moreso if you are having a go at my challenge!!!

Love and Light