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Friday, 12 October 2012

Record Breaker!!

Hi honeys. I am home!!! The op is all done and I am back home now to rest, recuperate and generally get fit and well. I came home on Thursday morning, barely 66 hours since my op was done. !!

My scar is long and straight and has HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of staples in it - well it seems that way, any way!!! I have some bruising but not like last time, yet!! so I am hoping for a speedy recovery.

Thanks to all those of you who sent well wishes, and I hope to be back doing stuff soon
Love and light

Monday, 8 October 2012

Wave me Goodbye!!!

...And wish me luck... !!! I am just about to go to the hospital for my knee operation today. It will be my 4th total replacement in just over 5 years!! You would think I would be a dab hand but, of course, I am very scared!!! Still, can't do with the pain I have just now, so it will be ok afterwards when stuff heals.

Meanwhile, here is me being a bronzed goddess, up top the Acropolis a bit more than a week ago!!!  This was a triumph to get up there, in my condition!! and a big hill to climb in other, more spiritual ways...

Anyway... I have my iPad with me so I HOPE I feel like looking if you feel like leaving me a message!!!
Love and light