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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WOYWW - Great Holiday Shame about the Fall!!!

For my story, please see the post here!! It's funny but not fun!!! So now you know...Sorry still no desk then, obviously, to show at The Stamping Ground but here is a little snippet of my snaps to whet your whistle!!!

Egypt was utterly AMAZING, especially the wondrous sky...

 Who is this woman??? Woo tis me in a daft hat!!! It was so hot to wear, but I needed it ...

 Amazing carving...

 And on the last morning, a journey into the sky, in a hot air balloon - always wanted to do this!!!!

 Lifting high into air, above the Valley of the Kings... marvellous

Sunrise over the Nile, how beautiful and how quickly it comes up!!... If you did not read what has happened to me, please look now and PLEASE leave a comment, as I love hearing from you, as always... sorry, but I can't write any more just now
Love and light

Monday, 3 October 2011

Bad Things Come in 3s!!!

Here I am on the last evening in Egypt in Luxor Temple, as the sun is falling fast... Now, speaking of that falling malarkey!!!... see the bandage on my right hand???  Well there IS a story...

My phone refused to get service when I was away, so I did not manage to contact my family all week... dodgy on-board Internet also precluded me from that too... so as I land last Wednesday, I start to get messages, as you do. They are all about my mum from the neighbour, asking me to contact her as soon as I can, so it does not sound good, eh?? When I ring her, I find out mum had collapsed earlier in the week and had been resuscitated no less than three times that very day!!!! After speaking to the hospital, I find she is comfortable and sleeping... but not out of the woods...

I finally get a text from my daughter saying all is well, she has had a little accident but not to worry.. PANIC PANIC WORRY WORRY!!!! so of course I ring her straight away and ask if she has pranged the car!! Hesitation.... deep breath... come on what has happened?? and finally a mouth full of medical stuff which mainly means she tripped and fell and broke BOTH tib and fib bones in her right leg, which pierced and popped through the skin, leaving her foot hanging off at an awful angle!!! - backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRR!!!, terror, worry etc etc... 

Anyway, she had done that the morning after I went on holiday, and had been in hospital until late Monday, getting the swelling down then being pinned and braced etc... weeks to heal and no load bearing for a couple of weeks.. She has two young children, my boys whom you have met before if you follow regularly!! 7 and 5 and no partner... temporary measures applied until I finally came home... we both wept copiously as you can imagine - her with relief I was back and me with guilt that I was not there!!!

And what of that bandaged hand??? Well, I fell on the boat, on an uneven corridor floor, did a superman flight through the air and landed on my face and hands, and flat on my front body with such an enormous BANG, that my head bounced twice and blood shot from my nose!! I thought it was broken at first... I now have a creeping black cheek/eye!!! And the hand?? Yes, I finally was dragged to hospital by the fragrant Freddie, on Friday, and I have broken my scaphoid bone in my wrist/base of thumb!!! Heavy heavy plaster till next Friday and no crafting for six weeks!!! I shall go MAD!!

And so dear reader, that is the sorry tale. 3 rubbish  generations ... they fitted a pace maker to mum on Saturday!!! We went to see her yesterday and I did not recognise her at all... she is so diminished, rambling and vacant... NOT my mum... I am afraid I wish that her God had taken her on Wednesday, as she has been begging me for the last 3 or 4 months... bald but heartfelt believe me... Miranda is healing, and getting around with a zimmer!! Laughing about that, as you can image. Unable to do much though as she has to hop at the mo, climbing stairs on her bum... and me??? Well it has taken a couple of hours to write this, and frustration has already set in!!! NOT supposed to drive, but I am doing the short trip down to daughter's, cos I have the boys here sleeping , getting ready for and taking to school!!! Just hooking with right fingers and driving with left... hey ho!!! I am back to bed at the mo to rest... this plaster is SO darned heavy, I need a crane to lift it by the end of the day...!!

So, dear reader... PLEASE don't desert my blog.... I have been SO pleased and flattered to have your company recently, and so many wonderfully supportive comments, I would HATE it if you strike me off your list cos there will be little art to see for a while!!! I will try to  share some photos etc with you and look forward to visting you all, with perhaps a short comment or two!!!

Thanks for popoing over and reading this tome!!!
Love and light