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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

WOYWW - Back from Cruising!!

 This is what you can find on my desk this week, now we are back from our Mediteranean Cruise... I started a title page for a scrapbook actually on board, but the woman taking the "class" was hopeless and I was glad I had some ideas of my own, as she was not any sort of help!!

 Here is the picture from our little port hole and you can just spy me here, standing in the cabin hallway, ready for dinner one evening...
 Here is our fabulous ship, The Brilliance of the Seas. She was beautiful, and the food was fantastic. I made full use of the sunbeds and the pools, and got quite a nice tan... Above you might have spotted me below the Acropolis in Athens, too wobbly still, to climb up this time, but I WILL go up and see the Parthenon up close and personal... I stood there and wept, as I was so happy to see it, finally, after all the tales my daddy told me as a child!!!
 This was one of the professional photos we had taken on board, on the first formal night. We both love dressing up and I thought Freddie looked very handsome!!!
This photo was taken on the White Night, after visiting Santorini, whose houses are painted white and whose doors, roofs and shutters are this wonderful blue!!!

We had a fabulous time and now it's back to earth with a bump!! Planning another soon, though, and in the meantime, I shall be scrapping my pictures, whilst TRYING to think of Christmas and cards!!!!! Looking forward to looking over YOUR shoulder to see what You are up to!!!