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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

WOYWW - 67 - My First!!

I have looked at a lot of desks, surreptitiously, recently on this fab blog, WOYWW - What's on your workdesk, Wednesday.... I think it is a wonderful way to see others' work and what they are doing. I decided I would clear the decks a bit, and make more than 6"x6" square to work!!!

So above is my desk - well just over half of it with my latest project out and almost finished. I recently went to a weekend at Graphicus and did a great jewellery class using a lot of TH stuff. I liked it so much, I made one for Miranda, my daughter, and she wore it to school. Her colleagues were very complimentary and have asked if I will take commissions!! Woo...

The piece on the left is my original piece and the one on the right is the first of my new pieces to sell... I am so chuffed and really enjoy putting them together. At the top right of it, I made a tiny "Lynne" rose and painted it with eco paints... it is about half an inch across.

I put some alcohol inks on some of the silver coloured pieces, including the little rose bead here are the bottom of this chain. It made it softly rose gold... really sweet. I have started making Leandra beads too, and some from poly clay. Friendly plastic needs some more playing with, as I have not had much success so far!!

This 3D work is getting very interesting at the moment, so this is what is really on my workdesk this week. My challenge blog, DragonsDream Tag it On, will feature jewellery or beads etc in the challenge today too, so I am off to set that up. Please pop over and take up my dream, if you feel you would like to ... I would be more than pleased to see you there.

It is great having so much room to work, but it won't last and the places on the periphery are just as untidy as always... perhaps I will confess and show another time... Thanks for looking and leaving a comment. I look forward to seeing your desks this week...