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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WOYWW #120 and Second Art Journal Pages + Birthday 66

Well, officially I don't  have a desk today folks, even though it has rolled round inexorably to that mid-week day where we all go a-spying courtesy of Julia at Stamping Ground. That is because I am from home... and off to cruise down the Nile!!!  I feel a Laura Denison vintage suitcase coming on, with an ickle scrappy book of photos and LOTS of  Egyptian stamping going on, when I get back!!! I have the pattern all ready to start!!!

So what can I show you today? Well, I have been playing again - only for a little time, as I have had another awful week with mum, and could not settle to much at all... even TIO has taken a back seat, but the team has done good stuff as ever!! so here goes with my Time to Make Art pages...

 This is the double spread then... lots of clocks and stuff... I MUST get a couple of large alphabets for the lettering... anyone any suggestions at a reasonable price!!??

 Here's how I started, with gessoed page and blue acrylics... great fun splashing and smooching on the paint... VERY theraputic... did this background a couple of weeks ago...

 Then some copper, and afterwards, some blue and pewter Viva paste, through a mask... it was doing this that gave me the idea for the VERY red tag on TIO a couple of weeks ago... that's when I realized the FULL import of this stuff!!

 Left hand...
 Right hand
 and now for some detail... a TH dotty stamp and some gesso and mica smooched  across the page behind the writing, printed on my inkjet, and distressed...

 OOO, I LOVE all this great texture - well you know me folks, it's one of my fave things that is!!! and a TH clock stamp for good measure.

Here is a wonderful conglomeration of all those pastes and stamps and clocks, etc ... I am lovin it!!! WHY did I dally and refuse to try out this lark?? I am not into the diary side of the journalling, but want to do pithy sayings and phrases to inspire and remind myself of stuff...

By the time some of you read this, I should be sunning myself, I hope. We have just looked up the weather and it is VERY hot, so I shall be in my element... a whole week where my arthritic aches and pains (and my poor old mum!!) will take a back seat!!! Thanks for looking and please do comment... I am hoping for some internet time to visit you back...

OH yes... and it's my 66th Birthday today, so Huppy Burpday to ME!!! (equinox baby, and it's all downhill to crimble now!!! boo...)
Love and light
PS if you have not linked your birdcage on the appropriate linky thingie... would you please do it, so they are all there together like a gallery for us all to see... taa