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Friday, 11 March 2011

Stampman Challenge DT piece - Florals

This is my DT piece for the Stampman challenge for the next couple of weeks. The challenge is to make a piece using florals and thinking of Mothering Sunday. I saw this very simple card in my head and just had to create it to make it so!!! I used some stamps from Aspects of Design, by Kay Carly and the wonderful birdcage die from Master Tim... I threaded some ribbon along the bottom and it was basically finished, as per my "dream" of it!!! I just wish I could hold the camera straight!!! Oh well, you get the idea I'm sure.
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Love and Light

Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Newest Family!!!

Here is my cat a couple of days ago, fat and fed up... due any minute - I KNOW!!!! I SHOULD have had her spayed, but I had a funny year last year and kept not doing it... hence the fat belly...

So first thing this morning, between me checking at 5.20 and Freddie getting up at 5.55, this first little one put in it's appearance... Smudges was so calm and quiet, and dealt with it all SO well!! She is very young herself, but she has been practising licking a lot on Mephie recently!!!

This looks as if it might be the little grey I have always wanted!!! Freddie fell in love and has already "bagged" her I think, 'cos my daughter and her boys have their eyes on one or two of the litter... It is suckling here and she is resting, waiting for the next bit!!

Here comes the next... very black with a lovely little white face... everso like Mephie actually... but NO!!! before you accuse him!!! I had him snipped many moons ago, like a proper pet owner!!! So it isn't him!!  This little one is about 4 mins old here!!

And opps, in the next minute, the third arrives, white all over with a black head and tail... it looks quite like it's aunty.. Quite big and strong... I helped her with" him" though, because she was still dealing with the business end of the afterbirth and cord of the second... I brushed his face gently with tissue to help him from the caul and so he could breathe.... awww, I was just SO happy. I think she has eaten the first placenta, but the vet said not to if possible, so I got rid of these two for her...

So, dear readers, here is the happy family... middle firstborn, left second and right the third out. Not been any signs of any more for which I am thankful really... we can keep them al, between usl and have no problems... all's well that ends well then, and she WILL be spayed when they are old enough to be weaned, I promise!!

She has eaten and been a fabulous mommy all day, but not drunk anything yet, so that's the next concern... no drink, not enough milk!! Mephie cannot understand the smells etc , and I am afraid he might think they are mice, so he is banned at the moment, in the nicest possible way!!

I will post some more pictures in the next day or so as they grow a bit and I have someone to take the pictures while I hold them... she lets me handle them, and is very trusting. Off to the vet tomorrow for a check... Woo, I am so pleased with her, she is so sweet
Thanks for looking
Love and light and kittens

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

WOYWW #92 - Boxing Up!!

Here we are again, happy as can be... all good friends and ... jolly good company. I really enjoyed last week's WOYWW, and got round a fair few... for those who don't know what I mean, please go and look at the wonderful Julia's blog, Stamping Ground... she has really started something!!!

I have been box decorating this week, with some little blanks I bought around Christmas time. I have used Eco paints and white glue sandwich to crackle the surfaces. It's the easiest way to get this technique I have ever tried, and beats the dedicated crackle paints I have used...

Been making more roses too and really enjoyed painting them up to look distressed and antique... the others are Prima, but they work just as well...

With Mothering Sunday coming up, I have started on a configurations box for my mum, and this is as far as I have got today... so this is my desk this week... MUCH tidier and with enough space to put these things down to take a photo!!! Also made a couple of cards which have been sent off to son's girlfriend and her son.... working on some more jewellery, as my cleaner bought so many pieces in the last 3 weeks, that I don't have enough variety to put in the aforementioned nail shop!!!! Good one way, but rubbish in another, as  I have not got out there to advertise what I can do... think the boxes will find their way up there to the shop as well...

Hope you have a great week, and have fun with whatever you are doing... off to make more stuff now. Thanks for coming round again this week, it was lovely to see you here and do leave me a comment as I love hearing from you all...
Love and light