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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Well here are my Fav 3 Men in the World!!

Here above, is Matt with my lovely Freddie, winning his first rosette for best turned out rider, pony and tack. He got the red for first place, when in fact he was the only entrant, but still had to be judged, and she said he was a lovely little rider. This was his first ever show. Fred was so proud of him as he rode so well and smiled so nicely at the judge, who was very taken with him!!

This gorgeous lad is Jay, who got a fabulous third place, in a much larger field, and they all had done it before. This was his very first time, and you can see how much he was concentrating!!! Tongue out of the corner of his mouth, like his nannar when crafting!!! He rode very well, although I have seen him do a better rising trot on other occasions, and accepted very well, that he did not win!!! that was very good for him!! The judge said he had the makings of a really good little rider, so he was chuffed and Freddie was very proud!!

And finally here is my Freddie, looking shocked and bemused because he had just won the class!!! He hoped he would do ok, but did not expect to win. The pony was well enough turned out, but he would have done other stuff if it were up to him!!! This was the first of 2 classes that he won for the owner. She came third in this class and was not placed in the second... She has the horse Fred loans, but he can't ride just now as it is injured - again!!! So he is teaching my boys whilst he can't do much for himself... and thoroughly enjoying it, as they are doing so well... So we had a great day out, and learned a lot. I did not do much except climb in and out of the lorry cab!!! But hey... I did lots of supporting!!!
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