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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

WOYWW #166 - Stamp Addicts DT Samples +

Hi Wiggers... yet another 2012 Wednesday has flown into my window and on to my desk... don't know where it came from, but it came along like a bullet!!! Never saw it till it arrived then opps!!! get a pic of your desk to share - and why you ask, if  you have been travelling to Mars with Curiousity!!! Well cos Julia says so, here...

Hope you have had a good week... mine has been ok and fairly uneventful, which is FABULOUS for me, eh??? not much going on is a TOTAL blessing!!!! tee hee. Hands are getting so much better and holidays to Turkey only a few weeks away, so I am feeling more optimistic... knee op when I get back, but that's then and THIS is now!!!

I have been making a couple of samples for Stamp Addicts next show on Create and Craft, later this week... they sent me two beautiful stamps and this is what I made... First three are made from a lovely snowy village scene + some extras from last year...
 Made this like a window in a Tudor house looking out... there is acetate for the glass, I also used the floral stamp.
 This one is all silver and snowy cold and I used the SA "twas the night" stamp and flakes as a background.
 Tried for vintage and different from Christmas colours... very distressed!!!
 This Christmas bouquet is very pretty, and I decoupaged it here with some stamps from last year as contrast.
 This is the make a mess technique. Stamp on acetate then emboss and turn over... put glue and inks and alcohol inks and glitter etc in a swirly, messy gloop, then scrumple tissue and leave to dry. This is a great way to get inky and dirty... be sure to have a scrubby ready !!!
This last one is trying to be vintage and shabby and non- crimble colours... I think I like it the best... I did the emboss with clear ep and knock some off and heat, then put inks to show up the embossing - for the backgrounds of everything... hope that makes sense!!!

And the other thing I have done is my TIO tag, which is very dark this week, the theme having been chosen by my dear friend, BlackDragon. Walking with her in her grief... It's called "Nightmare" and the recipe is a murder of crows, a blue moon and a chill wind.... oooo she knows how to pick em!!!!
 "Caw" croaked the crow... "Nevermore" quoth the raven...
 OOO it;s a cold, blue moon in my nightmare... and the chill wind has stilled the tree...
 "A murder of crows" is such an evocative phrase... love it!!! Anyone know what a gathering of ravens is called then??
 I think it's "an unkindness" but you may know differently.... Anyway, enough of all this - where is the DESK!!!! opps!!! I almost forgot!!! here you go -
 Alongside those cards etc, I am still working on my cruise album... putting in the embellies now, and planning the photos and journalling... it's a great one just to turn the pages... some of you asked how it's made... it's a hybrid of Kathy Orta's "hidden hinge" technique and Laura Denison's pages... they are both fab to follow and watch on UStream... The former is Paper Phenomenon and the latter is Following the Paper Trail...

Well off to post this now then to bed... perchance to ??? dream or have a nightmare!!! Why not join us at DragonsDream TIO this fortnight for this GREAT recipe, the team has done some AMAZING work, again!!!
Love and light