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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WOYWW #168 - About How I Feel!!! (Updated)

Hello Wyggers everywhere... Oh I missed you all last week, as I did not manage to blog at all, and never found time to do much... the morning/evening carer has been off for 2 weeks - well almost, but not yet - for Eid... and all hell has been let loose chez moi!!! OMG... some carers seem not to have any sense and are not worth the name!!! (I should have said that there have been replacements ... a DIFFERENT one every time!!! Late, rude, no English, incompetent, you name it, we've had it!! Very wearing...)

Suffice it to say that things have not gone smoothly here for a while and I feel let down... I let the office have it with both barrels this morning after the ministrations of one particularly rubbish visit!!! Would not be so bad if they actually came on time, or thereabouts!!! - enough, already, don't bore the pants off your readers mrs. woman...

So I have been working on the cruise album a little and have started another for the coming holiday - nothing like being prepared!! and is she prepared?? NO!! not a single thought about clothes or anything, but she is doing an album!!! mad - to Turkey over my birthday time, as usual... Anyhoo, here is what I have made - hurrah, we thought you would NEVER get to business!!!
 So this is the thought behind my title... it's a TIO DT piece for today, Wednesday, for the recipe "It's Art for Art's Sake" using a homemade background, interesting character(s) and a quirky twist. And the character looks JUST like I feel!!! - poor soul...
 I used a TH stamp for the background, along with a quirky stamp from a set which includes the eye, hand, and body of my character... naughty girl is showing herself here, in this bottom corner!!
 This head is a Lynne Parrella creation... lovin her stamps, they are SO outlandish but so neat!!! Watch the birdie land on her head from the tag hole... swoop!!
 So me, juggling and failing... hands -we notice that there are 2 left ones!!! - not succeeding in keeping control... head trying the recede into a shell - oh shut up Gaywood, you are getting silly now!!!
Anyway, I really enjoyed creating it, silly and fun, and odd as it is, mostly with all TH new colours... and it does sort of sum up how I feel just now... oh well, this too shall pass. If you are STILL in the dark about WOYWW, pop over and look-see at Stamping Ground with the lovely Julia and the rest of the world at your feet... well, at the end of you fingertips, at least!!!
Love and Light
PS - opps, she went and forgot the desk shot completely!!! typical... laters, maybe!! silly moo...