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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WOYWW - No Desk Yet but New Pot!!!

 Nice new, lightweight pot/plaster... now-a-days made from polyester...

 Corrr!!! look at 'em poor ole swollen fingers eh??!!

Not much movement for that thumb!!!

Hi all... thanks for your visits last week. I really appreciated them... I am STILL up at the crack of doom to get the boys to school then collapse for a while before trying to do a few jobs... then it's off to get my daughter, make lunch, get the boys, cook for 5 people, and stagger to bed!!! Miranda's letter from clinic last week anticipates her having no load bearing for another 9 to 12 weeks, as apparently, she has damaged a ligament which attaches her leg to her foot, and they take longer to heal than bones... her xray was awful!!!

So we are both locked into this dreadful cycle for the forseeable!!! I might not get to Gran Canaria as I had hoped with Freddie, to see his family, after crimble... don't see how I can leave her and the boys... my mum continues with her pace maker!!! I worry ALL the time about all those indignities she is suffering, that she NEVER wanted or looked to have - so unkind...

Well, that took forever, but I am hoping to do a bit more commenting next week... I have visited many of you but just looked for now - please forgive my voyerism!!!  Thanks for coming over...Thank goodness for the place which allows us to share like this.. good old Stamping Ground!!!
Love and Light