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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WOYWW - Honey, I'm Home!!!

Happy New Year to you all...especially those visiting from Stamping Ground, courtesy of the wonderfully chatty Mrs Dunnit...  I have only just got back from my trip, and hope you all had a super break. We went to Gran Canaria to visit the fragrant Freddie's family. His two sisters have lived there for 40+ years!!! I finally met his older sister this time and here is a pic of the view from her balcony!!!

 Not a bad little vista eh??? She owns appartments just below so we might take all my family over in the summer. My poor daughter could do with it as her one break in that ancle has not healed AT ALL!! So a bone graft is needed soon, and then more plaster for 6 weeks!!! A serious break indeed!!! But that would not include my mum... not feasible and we need the rest away from it all!!!!

 These two pics are from New Year's Eve. Freddie's nephew-in-law always throws him a fabulous party, and we are ready to go on these photos... we stayed until 6.30am and I was dancing and everything!!!! There is a video of that which I might share at a later time!!! The climate is so kind to my poor old joints...

 Aww... bless... if you look closely you can see me in the reflection in his glasses!!! Fun...

 We went to St. Augustin, in the south, to this fab hotel, where you can hire a lounger, brolly and towel for the whole day... it was AMAZINGLY hot all day and I was in my natural element... I was unaware of THIS shot being taken though!!!! tee hee...

Wooo... I should have been more careful about the dumplings boiling over eh??!! But at least I knew this shot was being taken!!!
He didn't though!!! Got my own back but was kinder with the angle eh???!! The lady at his side is the younger one of his sisters.

On our final day we went to the Guanches caves in the north of the island, with a couple of Freddie's rellies... they don't speak much English and we had great fun understanding eachother!!! But the day was wonderful - hot and dry (32deg) and so interesting, with paella and sangria to boot!!! I think you can see here how brown we were getting!!?? What a wonderful holiday...
This last pic is after all the eating and such... we were very happy, if you take my meaning...!!! What a shock when we came home to 2deg!! And then we had to get mum back.... she is settled but very difficult - as always, even before she developed her dementia!!! Oh well, I will cope.

Anyway, I look forward to visiting you all again now I am home, and hoping blogger lets us all make the lovely comment we all crave and love
Love and SunLight