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Friday, 11 February 2011

Stampman Challenge - Hearts

As many of you know I am addicted to all things Sir Tim, as are many millions around the globe... it's only a couple of weeks now to his masterclass, and I am very much looking forward to it. This this in mind, I simply had to do something different this time for the Stampman challenge, HEARTS, so I melted black UTEE in my meltpot and poured it into a largish heart mould. Then I decorated with mica powders and the cogs, sprockets, spinners and keys etc. as you can see, and mounted it on bronge coloured metallic card popped through the cuttlebug... had a GREAT time, but was a little late posting - sorry team, had an odd, poorly, hosptially week this week with myself, Freddie and Jayden all being ill...  The piece is just for fun, so thanks for looking
Love and Light

My Inspiration Book - a few pages to tease!!

Here, above, is the front cover of my newly finished Inspiration Book... Some of the flowers are handmade by me, for example the large rose on the ribbon... The two smaller roses are mine too, but the others are Prima... that ribbon is the closure mechanism with velcro to keep it shut. The ribbon is also special, as it is from the ones we had for our handfasting - not the actual one, but from the reel... There is a chain through the spine with several charms and beads etc... That spine is made from Claudine Hellmuth sticky back canvas again, coloured with colour wash and glitz spritz, sprayed through that fab large mask from Sir Tim. The paper backing is overprinted japan journey from Dove of the East. The die-cut keys are also from Sir Tim.

 This is the first full page spread. The pages are made fro C5 recycled envelopes, covered with papers, mostly from a stack by Sir Tim... they are just so vibrant and colourful. The photos have come out rather pale, in fact. Each envelope is attached to the others by a shape, die cut from Spellbinders on this occasion. Most of the papers for these hinges are from the postcard size Once Upon a Time from DCWV...You only stick down a little way so you can fit tags behind the edges. So there are two main tags on each page, then others are tucked away in other places, for example below...

This double spread has it's two main tags, under their central holder, but on the right hand side you will see an extra pocket. Inside there is yet another tag, and often there is another hiding behind the flap, when it's opened. Every envelope has a cut out semi-circle, with a flower on it. When you pull the flower, there is yet another larger tag, decorated on each side. You can see, then, there is a great deal of space upon which to put my inspirational sayings. Many of them are stamped, but some were written on the computer, then decorated. I used meltdust paper for those, but was disapponted that I could not stamp and decorate it as I would have liked.  Below, I have shown you the details of these two pages.

 Here above, you can see the backs of the first two main tags. It was such fun finding sayings to match stamps, if they were not related, so to speak...

This large sheet is the first side of the first envelope centre tag... a wonderful stamp from PaperArtsy, with a word stamp from Sir Tim...  When turned over, you can read the tag below...

This one is from the fabulous plate from Elusive Images about artistic affirmative sayings. Here you can see how the large tag slips into the centre of the envelope centre pocket. Below, you will find details of the second full page spread with that extra pocket...

The pocket has been turned back to reveal another tag stamped with a PaperArtsy stamp, and held in place with more ribbon from our handfasting set... this time a yellow one.

These are the backs of the two tags with doors on them... the one on the left has three adage tickets from Sir Tim, and the one on the right is printed from a Darkroom Door set called doors... the birds are from elsewhere, but I can't remember where just now!!

The last tag to share with you just now is to be found inside the loose pocket, and is stamped with another inspirational saying, with one of my heart ticket stamps, which is a great set of eight, and there are others scattered throughout the book. 

Well that's  all for just now... I took 50 photos, and you would get bored (if you are not already!!!!!??) if I did anymore just now... The whole book creaks and jingles in a satisfying and somehow calming way. It has been a labour of love to make it and I am already enjoying thumbing through it... Hope you have enjoyed what you have seen so far...
Thanks for looking
Love and Light

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Zentangling - My First Challenge #8 Heart +2

The Heart of the Matter

Here is another zentangle... I am hooked, as I told you last time, and have found a wonderful community who have started a challenge. Here is the blog of I Am a Diva, who runs this one. She has a young babe who was prem and has had many problems... this week was to make a piece for him, sending positive vibes, and with heart... also to use 2 tangles from previous challenges. So I have used the ixorus, which you have seen me do before, and orbs, which is the balls in the bottom right corner.

I am so inexperienced, but I hope this offering is acceptable!!! It was made with little Artoo in mind, anyway, hoping he keeps strong and fighting... So much wonderful work on this challenge blog community, it is well worth a look... ENJOY

Thanks so much for looking, and please comment if you have time and inclination
Love and Light